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July 28, 2017

Ian Woosnam

Royal Porthcawl, Wales, United Kingdom

Q. One of the hardest days in the office?
IAN WOOSNAM: Certainly at the beginning. It has died down a little bit but yeah, with that crosswind on them first few holes, was just -- you've just got to grind it and just hope you can just make some pars. Pars are like birdies.

Q. You said the opening stretch is always hard, but today it was ridiculous, wasn't it?
IAN WOOSNAM: Yeah, as I say, first hole, drive, 1-iron again. You're just trying to get it somewhere by the green, and as I say, bit of a poor shot on the third hole. Bit of a break, holed it out of the bunker on the fourth.

Played some good golf today but left a few out there around the greens. But it is difficult to putt and it wasn't so much the greens. You're putting into the wind and down the wind and across the wind, as well. It's just so difficult to get your balance.

Q. I saw you animated on a couple of holes, sort, where's that one gone. Once you lost your temper and actually nearly went in on that one?
IAN WOOSNAM: Well, I didn't lose my temper -- well, I got a flyer. I was just trying to push it in nice and low with a 4-iron. Good job it didn't come out right; I would have been 20 yards short of the green. Yeah, you've got to have a bit of luck now and again.

Q. A lot of blue numbers, and you're going to make the cut, but it's going to be very difficult, isn't it?
IAN WOOSNAM: These guys are going to go out yet and if it starts to rain this afternoon and the wind comes back, I'm still in with a chance. I think 7-under, you go around tomorrow, and you shoot a 3-under par if the wind's up, you're right back in it.

Q. That's the confidence from Mr. Woosnam.
IAN WOOSNAM: Was I talking about myself? (Laughter)

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