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July 28, 2017

Georgia Hall

North Ayrshire, Scotland

Q. An interesting round, four birdies, a couple of doubles. You're back in the Top-10 with two birdies there to finish. How do you feel about that?
GEORGIA HALL: It's really tough today. Like the wind was really strong, as well, and I played really well. I putted well again. But I had a few periods -- well, I didn't know the wind on 10. I thought it was into the wind and it wasn't. So I ended up flying the green by 20 yards in a bush and that was my double. But I didn't give up. Kept on trying and managed to get a good birdie.

Q. You're up to tied eight at the minute and only four off your lead. Did you have that in the back of your head all the way around?
GEORGIA HALL: I was trying to get back to level in my head, like for the tournament. So yeah, I managed to do that. But yeah, the wind was just the same. Like some clubs, that's a three-club wind. I was doing like half-swings, just running it up to the hole. But no, I enjoyed it. It was good.

Q. A lot of people have been saying that they struggled with the putting today. Did you find that?
GEORGIA HALL: You've got to take into consideration the wind when putting, which is kind of hard because I don't really -- I don't normally do that. But I putted well. I think as long as you can kind of keep your stroke the same, then they start on line, then you're all right. I'm all right with that today.

Q. Good preparation for next week, RICOH British Open, do you have that in your mind at all?
GEORGIA HALL: I think having this event before the British, I think it's great to have two weeks on links. That's all we get per year. This is my favorite two weeks of the year. I love being here, so I'm happy.

Q. Are these the hardest conditions you've played in in a pro event?
GEORGIA HALL: In a pro event, probably it's up there. They are up there. Yesterday and today were similar with the wind. But yeah, it is tough. Like even like a putt or go and take your swing back and the wind blows you, and it's like, it's hard, but you've got to be patient.

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