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July 28, 2017

Mo Martin

North Ayrshire, Scotland

Q. You started the day at 5-over par, probably around the cut line and you shot 70, 2-under par. How are you feeling?
MO MARTIN: Well, I feel fantastic about the last 27 holes, or actually 29 holes. Yesterday through seven holes, I was 8-over par. So I had a really bad start yesterday. Just hard to make a par.

Finally made a par on my sixth hole. And then 7, I think actually that's the only fairway I've missed. That might be the only fairway I missed. I missed it a little bit left and there wasn't a spotter left, and it was just over bunker and we actually saw it bounce, and we never found the ball.

So it was super unfortunate. That ended up being a triple-bogey. I was sitting at 8-over par, and conditions are just super hard out here. It's cold; it's windy. I just talked to my caddie, Craig, and we are both kind of like, I'm playing well. This is just one of those freak things.

So from that point on, so from No. 8 yesterday to getting done on 18 today, 5-under par. So that's super solid in these conditions. I can be my harshest critic, and I'm super proud of myself.

Q. 5-under par for the last 27 holes is amazing. Is it just everything, is it driving-wise, you only missed one fairway?
MO MARTIN: I putted like a dream today. I made some really nice par putts. I hit some good birdie putts, and you know, you've got to make good par putts in these conditions. You're going to, with the wind, the wind is really affecting the putts. I mean, it's adding break where there's no break. Really affecting the speeds, and it's just a tough design. The layout of the golf course is a tough design.

So I think you've got to putt well. You've got to be able to control your ball flight and the ball direction, and this is just challenging every element of every person's game.

Q. So when you're 8-over par, you're drawing on all your experience from winning the RICOH Women's British Open. It's unbelievable that you're back to three.
MO MARTIN: I know, it is.

Q. When you think about having won the RICOH Women's British Open on a links course, you've done well on links courses in the past; you have to draw on your experiences. What do you say to yourself?
MO MARTIN: I really just got back to, you've really got to see your shots in this wind. You've got to get creative. That's the one thing I like the most about it. We haven't played links and we haven't played in these conditions the entire year.

So I think was probably just locking back into it for me, locking back into that mentality, and it's a mentality I love. I'm really happy I came to play this week.

Q. Are these the hardest conditions you've played in before?
MO MARTIN: I would say in all for sure. It was super cold this morning. Super windy. We even stayed -- we stayed inside until about five minutes until my tee time. I was watching the tee box and I was stretching and staying inside, and I said to Craig, I said, this is the last time I'm going to be warm in about five hours.

But yeah, really, really tough. The wind this morning was howling. It had to have been around, I mean, 25, 30.

Q. I think it was gusting to 30?
MO MARTIN: The ball was borderline moving. Had the greens been any faster, the ball would have been moving. It was oscillating for sure. Had to back off a couple times. A couple times it came to rest and moved. Definitely I think if there was a little sprinkle, that by far would have been the hardest. But it was definitely up there, hardest conditions. Good layout, and I'm happy to be playing this week.

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