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July 27, 2017

Kevin Chappell

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Q. How often do you get two eagles in a rounds?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: Yeah, doesn't happen too often but I'm glad it happened today.

Q. What was the key to the round today?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: I hit it really well. Got the ball in play on the par 5s, so I was able to attack those. Eliminated some mistakes. Get up-and-down on 8, and you know, just was able to fight off kind of a slow start and try to build some momentum. That was kind of the focus of the week for me.

Q. Is that about as gettable as you've seen this golf course?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: I haven't played here in a few years but I remember guys talking about how firm and fast it was last year, and it's obviously the opposite of that. Hopefully the weather stays away for the weekend and we can get it a little more firm and see some more challenging golf.

Q. How did you maintain focus during that suspension of play?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: I honestly struggled going back out there after wards. Just kind of caught myself in a little bit of a daze, maybe lacking energy. I tried to eat as much as I could and tried to just kind of pick myself up a little bit. But I did a better job at hitting shots than I did putting, but that's the hardest part about those delays.

Q. After the ninth hole, your 18th, you went to hit some putts. Did you find it out there, do you think?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: I sure hope so. Definitely left a few shots outs there. I think I missed four times inside ten feet. Which it's hard to complain about shooting 7-under 65, but definitely feel like I left a few out there and created a plan for the next few days, and hopefully that plan works.

Q. What's that plan?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: Make some more putts.

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