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July 27, 2017

Matt Every

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Q. How did that feel?
MATT EVERY: It felt good. It played pretty easy today.

Q. What was working for you?
MATT EVERY: I just didn't waste any shots today. First hole I made like a 10-footer. Felt like that was the first shot I saved in like three months. I just kind of rolled after that.

Q. Made a lot of putts today. You made 117 feet worth of putts?
MATT EVERY: Yeah, well, I'm not apologizing for it because I haven't made anything for about three months.

Q. What has turned your game around? The last couple of months you've actually put up a couple good scores compared to earlier in the year.
MATT EVERY: Well, technically I'm better right now. I don't have the -- I haven't been hitting any foul balls off the tee. My scores earlier in the year were bad because I would hit like one or two a round, and it's a re-tee, so it's still a bogey or worse.

But I haven't -- those are gone. I've hit it pretty nice for the last few months. Really it's a different kind of bad now. It's not like a performance bad. It's an I'm-not-scoring-bad.

Q. You've had some good rounds, particularly in Memphis, you had a really good round the first round, I believe. Any reason you can come up with?
MATT EVERY: Well, I'm good. I didn't plan on sucking the rest of my life when I went into a slump. So I can't look other guys in the eye out here and be like, that guy's going to be better than me the rest of my life. There's just no way. Some of them I can. About 95 percent, I can't.

Q. Is it the hard work that's pulled you out of it?

Q. How challenging has that been for you?
MATT EVERY: It hasn't been easy. But I play golf for a living, so I kind of sometimes have to step back and check myself sometimes, you know. But it's getting better.

Q. How did you stay focused during the suspension of play?
MATT EVERY: I don't know, that wasn't a big deal to me. I probably didn't stay focused (laughter).

Q. What did you do then?
MATT EVERY: Just had a coffee and kept my body warm. That's about it.

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