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July 27, 2017

Christina Kim

North Ayrshire, Scotland

Q. 1-under, what was the key to your strong play?
CHRISTINA KIM: I personally love playing links golf, and I just really embrace the weather and just try to really, really enjoy myself. Just being out here in this kind of strong winds, getting spit on with some rain, clouds, sun, a little bit of everything, I was just really focusing on making really solid contact. I was able to gauge the wind for the most part.

The wheels started coming off toward the beginning of the third of the round, but just enjoying myself. I had a great pairing, some girls I've played with for years and years and years, and just really focusing on solid contact, and just understanding you're not going to hit every shot perfectly. And even if you do hit it perfectly it still may not end up where you want it to, because that's kind of links golf. Just enjoying myself and solid contact.

Q. You mentioned how much you like links golf. How much does it mean to have this event leading into RICOH next week?
CHRISTINA KIM: I think it's incredible. I know the entire LPGA player body is very thankful that Aberdeen and the LET have been able to have us be here and part of this really, really awesome event. I've always wanted to try and come out here in years past when it was just an LET event, or solely an LET event but I was never able to find the time.

I love Scotland. The people are awesome. I've hung out with a lot of Scottish people, so I can surprisingly understand them. I think it's really, really cool that we're able to have links golf prior to one of our major championships.

You always hope that the tournaments leading up to a major will be an adequate test to prepare you for the next week, and I think that, you know, this is just a perfect fit being here in Scotland and be able to go from here over to Kingsbarns, I think it's awesome.

Q. You had to withdraw from the last event. Are you feeling back to 100 per cent?
CHRISTINA KIM: I'm definitely not 100 per cent. I was suffering from heat exhaustion, which I thankfully won't be feeling this week. But I was having heat exhaustion. I had cramps in my legs and my body just gave up.

It was five weeks in, and it was just, I wanted to play, and actually the last hole I played last week, I made birdie, but I couldn't see myself make it to the next tee just from, it was five long weeks, lots of walking, high temperatures.

The U.S. Open, regardless of the venue and everything, it's all such a taxing event because it's mentally so draining and it's always a physical challenge because it's one of the hardest tests of golf throughout the season.

So I was just a slab of meat, just kind of getting dragged along the entire golf course last week. I rarely withdraw and I felt terrible about it, but I had to listen to my body and I didn't want to end up cramping and then end up in pretzel form on like the 13th hole on Friday.

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