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July 26, 2017

Brooke Seay

Augusta, Missouri

Q. 19 holes today; were you expecting to go 19 holes?
BROOKE SEAY: No, I don't think you ever expect to go 19 holes, but you never know what you're going to get in match play. Sometimes you think it's hard, sometimes you think it's going to be easier, but you just never know until it's over. Match play can play out a lot different than a lot of different ways.

Q. Did you know Elle?
BROOKE SEAY: I had never met her before. I had seen the name, but I didn't know her.

Q. Tell me about the match; was it pretty up and down?
BROOKE SEAY: I don't think I ever trailed in the match. I got up early on one of the first couple holes, and then I just kind of held the lead. I lost a couple at the end. I was 2-up at one point, and then the last couple holes she won some, so she extended the match to 19 holes, and then I had a par and she three-putted for bogey.

Q. Tomorrow you play Brianna, who's one of your close friends from San Diego.

Q. Does your mentality change at all going into a match with a good friend? Do you get more excited for the walk? Do you get more nervous because you have to be competitive against her?
BROOKE SEAY: I think it's probably harder to play against a friend, but it might be better for nerves to be able to talk to someone down the fairway other than the caddie. So it'll be a fun match, but we both want to win. It'll be tough.

Q. Your Women's Open experience, just tell me a little bit about what you learned from that experience and what lessons you bring specifically here to the Girls' Junior.
BROOKE SEAY: Yeah, it was a great experience. I got to play with so many people that I've looked up to my whole life, and most of them are really nice and welcomed me and all the other amateurs, and if they wanted to give me some advice, she could. I learned a lot from that week about my game. I played one of the most challenging courses I've played, and so I think coming into this week, the yardage is a lot shorter, course is maybe playing just a bit easier. So I think taking that mentality that this is one step easier for me, that I've played a harder course, give me a little more confidence, but I'm just taking some lessons from the pros. All of them said never get down on yourself because golf is a hard sport, and you're never going to play well if you don't believe in yourself.

Q. You weren't even going to be in this event.
BROOKE SEAY: That's correct.

Q. Until you made the cut at the Women's Open.

Q. So tell me about that and about your decision to take the exemption and play this week.
BROOKE SEAY: Yeah, so I played a qualifier for this tournament, and I missed it by one, which is really disappointing. It's only 18 holes, so it's either your day or it isn't. It's a lot of pressure. I was really disappointed because I really like this tournament. I've played the last three years. But I went to the Open, and I made the cut, so then I found out that I got an exemption, and I also knew that that would be my fourth week in a row, so I didn't know if I was going to play it because I went straight to the Junior PGA, which is also in St. Louis, and my decision was to see how I felt physically after that tournament, and a few days before the event, I decided that I was going to be ready and that I didn't care how I played because I knew this would be a lot of fun and this would be good for my game either way. I decided to not worry about any rankings or how I finished because I knew I was just going to enjoy myself with all my friends here.

Q. It kind of gives you a little more confidence heading in here, you can just go and play a round of golf every day.

Q. Next up is the Women's Am. Are you going to put more pressure on yourself for that event, especially playing in San Diego?
BROOKE SEAY: I don't know. I don't really have as many expectations for that because I've only played it once before and didn't make the cut. It was a few years ago. So I think there's probably less pressure because it doesn't hurt any of my junior rankings, and there's nothing to worry about for that. I think it's just going to be a lot of fun to play in my hometown, have everyone out there to support me. But I'm really looking forward to it. I don't think there's any pressure.

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