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July 26, 2017

Annick Haczkiewicz

Augusta, Missouri

Q. So you birdie the 19th hole to win; is that what I heard correctly?

Q. What were you thinking and what was your stomach doing when you were going to make the putt?
ANNICK HACZKIEWICZ: Well, I had just missed the putt on 18. It wasn't like a misread or like nerves, I just literally didn't read it right, so I was going to the 19th hole, and I just hit my drive in the center, and Rachel just hit her shot to the right into the rough, so my thoughts were, just get it on the green and two-putt. Honestly, the ball from the rough can roll anywhere, so it's hard. So I was like, okay, get on the green. I kind of hit it left, and you could easily three-putt. So I was like, okay, just speed and like get a tap-in putt, and then I hit it perfectly and it just went in. I was so excited.

Q. Tell me a little bit about the back and forth in the match because she was leading --
ANNICK HACZKIEWICZ: She was 3-up, yeah.

Q. That takes a lot to come back.
ANNICK HACZKIEWICZ: Yeah, I didn't -- I wasn't like, okay, I have to birdie this, because you can't have that mentality because yesterday I was thinking about the cut, and I was like, you have to birdie this, and I didn't. I missed every birdie putt. So I was just thinking like make your pars and you can make these birdies, not like you have to. When she was 3-up through 9, I went to turn, and I was like, okay, new nine, she was 3-up through 9, and I can, too. So I hit my drive in the middle, and she was just a little left in the rough, and that's where I've been like the last three days, and I've bogeyed every time. So I was like, okay, you have a good advantage here. I just hit it onto the green and two-putted, and she hit it to the right, and I think she bogeyed.

And then I was like, okay, you got a stroke back, so you're only 2-down, that's a lot still, but that can do anything. I just had the same mentality of not thinking ahead, like I have to birdie these next two holes and then I'll at least be all square. Like I just tried to play my own game and not really try to think of what she was doing. Even though I had to see what she was doing, I just tried to be consistent and not all over the place.

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