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July 26, 2017

Lucy Li

Augusta, Missouri

Q. 7 & 6, very first match of the day. How do you think you played today?
LUCY LI: I played really solid today. I only missed one green, and it was on the fringe, so I hit it really straight today. Made like a couple birdies, so it was really solid.

Q. Talk to me about the hole it looked like you eagled. Did you actually eagle or is that just an incorrect scoring?
LUCY LI: Oh, the par-4 where I got a 3? It was a par-4.

Q. Were you surprised that you were medalist coming out of yesterday?
LUCY LI: Kind of. I think the scoring was really high. I kind of expected Patty to play -- maybe she would be medalist. But yeah.

Q. Do you prefer playing in the morning?
LUCY LI: Yeah, well, with it so hot I do. Usually I like to wake up later, but in this weather, for sure.

Q. Tomorrow you could potentially have two rounds; how do you prepare for that when you're going into matches, the same way you prepare for everything else?
LUCY LI: Yeah, pretty much. I played the Wyndham Cup like a couple weeks ago, and we played 36 holes two days in a row match play, so that kind of helped me prepare for this.

Q. And yesterday you said that your putting was really good. You were able to get some really good shots. Was that the same today?
LUCY LI: Well, today was just -- it was kind of -- not really. I hit two wedge shots that were really close. One was like a tap-in and the other one was five feet, and then other than that, I didn't have a lot of really close putts, I guess. I was more like in the middle of the green and two-putting. And then on the last hole, I had like a six-footer for birdie, but I just didn't really care anymore.

Q. This is your first time being medalist at a USGA championship, so what does that mean to you?
LUCY LI: Definitely, for sure. Really excited about that. I think I got a really good time because it's in the morning, which is really good for the weather.

Q. Did Courtney present you with the medal already?
LUCY LI: No, not yet. She said it was after the round.

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