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July 26, 2017

Isabelle Boineau

North Ayrshire, Scotland

BETHAN CUTLER: It's a great pleasure to re-introduce our defending champion, Isabelle Boineau, from Marseilles. Obviously you claimed a one-stroke victory here at Dundonald Links in the Aberdeen Asset Management Ladies Scottish Open last year, and you're looking to rule the links for a second year in succession. How do you feel about defending here this week?

ISABELLE BOINEAU: Well, I'm really happy and proud to have won last year in Scotland, the Home of Golf. Yeah, I'm really happy to be here and I really enjoy this course, as you know. And I'm really happy the LET and LPGA co-sanctioned. I get to be paired with really good players, like World Ranking top players. Very happy to learn from them and to beat them hopefully.

BETHAN CUTLER: Obviously the event has been elevated to a new level, they have tripled the prize money and you can see all this fantastic staging. Have you noticed a big difference this year from last year?

ISABELLE BOINEAU: To be honest I haven't been on the course much so far. I just arrived yesterday. We played nine holes. The 8th has a different setup, but from what I heard from the other players, it's the same setup on the other years on the back nine.

Q. How would you assess your year since the victory at The Scottish Open last year?
ISABELLE BOINEAU: I think last year I did a pretty good season. I managed to finish in the top five of the LET rankings and when I look at other people that have won tournaments on the LET, not all of them finished in the top five. I had a Top-10 in France and a Top-10 in Dubai.

But since the beginning of the year, I've had a poor season. I haven't played a lot of events, and I've made some changes in my staff. But I think the changes are good. But I'm expecting very good results but they are not coming yet, so maybe I need to change some of the stuff, I don't know.

BETHAN CUTLER: What have you changed?

ISABELLE BOINEAU: Yeah, I changed my physical trainer and I'm looking for a new coach.

Q. What do you think of this weather? Is that obviously something you felt you needed to do, a lot of changes? Was there anything specific that you felt you needed to change?
ISABELLE BOINEAU: Yeah, I think I need to get more structured if I want to get to my goals. My goals have been from having no goals to having big goals. So now I need to get the people around me that are going to get me there.

Q. This is the first time that the men's and the women's event, Scottish Opens, have been played on the same course. You obviously knew the course from last year, but did you watch the men's event?
ISABELLE BOINEAU: No, because I was in the States and I was visiting New York City. But I see my friend played well, Matthieu Pavón, so I was really excited for him.

Q. What do you remember from last year? Is it fresh in your mind?
ISABELLE BOINEAU: I feel like it was ten years ago, but the feeling I got when I won last year, is just like a drug; I feel like I need it again. If not, I won't be satisfied. So I'm putting everything in place to win again, because it's one of the best feelings you get when you play golf.

Q. Was that a big frustration for you, having won last year, still searching for that?
ISABELLE BOINEAU: Yes, this season we didn't play a lot of events. We don't have a lot of changes and a lot of rounds, like competitive rounds to test your game and adjust your changes. Maybe six weeks ago, I won the qualifier for the Asian Championship, which was also an LET Access event. Sets up good, but nothing compares to winning here. It's not the same emotion. It's not the same thing. I want to win another big event like that.

Q. Obviously the LET, we know the struggles the first half of the year, but has it been a big frustration?
ISABELLE BOINEAU: Yeah, a big frustration and I think it gets to your head, as well, because you don't get a chance to work, basically. But at the same time, I've been making changes and it gives me time to work on those changes and work deeper with a physical trainer and nutrition.

I think like now, with the goals that I have, every detail makes a big difference. So I've been also taking a nutritionist and stuff like that.

Q. Lydia said she found a nice restaurant that serves spare ribs last year. What have you been eating in Scotland? Anything nice food-wise?
ISABELLE BOINEAU: Yeah, yeah. Last year I went to -- this playing partner I had has this restaurant in Glasgow and invited us for a party afterwards and we had a nice rosé champagne and a nice dinner, yeah. Actually since I'm here, I've been eating really well in Scotland. Better than England.

Q. Big part of the season, you have this, the British Open and Evian.
ISABELLE BOINEAU: Yeah, you need to take the chances, but I feel like I need more play. Last week I was at the U.S. Open but before that I didn't play for a couple weeks. It's really hard to get a rhythm going, unfortunately.

Q. When you're not playing, how would you keep your game going? How do you prepare? Is it just a place of going to the practise ground each day?
ISABELLE BOINEAU: I've been to the range a lot with my caddie back at home, and we work on the technical points we think I need to improve. So a lot of this and a lot golf matches. Like in the morning, I will play at the range, for like an hour and a half, two hours, and then I will play like around one o'clock, 18 holes.

BETHAN CUTLER: You spoke about big goals. What are they, long-term?

ISABELLE BOINEAU: Can I keep them for myself? (Laughing) No, I would like to play in the Top-50 in the world. When you play tournaments like the U.S. Open or the Evian or the British, it just makes you want to compete with these players.

So I think I have a couple more years; I'm 28 years old, but I don't have 15 years or ten years. I have a bit less, so I think now I'm going to put everything that I can towards these goals and put my mind to it and you know, the next two or three years, work as hard as I can and hopefully I'll reach the Top-50 in the world. We'll see if I fail or if I succeed, but at least I will have tried.

Q. When you see a 14-year-old winning in Thailand, does that make you at 28 feel quite like a veteran and makes you want to practise more?
ISABELLE BOINEAU: Yeah, but everyone matures at different ages. Maybe I'm getting more mature now but some people can be mature at 14 years old or 18 years old. I always know that I take more time than other people, so I'm hoping around my 30s, I will be where I want to be.


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