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July 25, 2017

Gemma Dryburgh

North Ayrshire, Scotland

Q. How much are you looking forward to this week?
GEMMA DRYBURGH: Yeah, really looking forward to this week. Obviously being Scottish and playing in The Scottish Open is always a proud moment, and playing against some of the best players in the world is very special.

Q. How is the course playing?
GEMMA DRYBURGH: The course is playing really well. The greens are in wonderful condition, and the fairways, as well. It's rolling really well. Today it's not too windy, so it's nice.

Q. What sort of conditions are you hoping for for the championship?
GEMMA DRYBURGH: Well, some windy and rain might be better for me, being Scottish. So I'm used to that.

But I'd also like to see some sun, as well, but wind is always good.

Q. Have you got any expectations for yourself this week?
GEMMA DRYBURGH: No expectations. Just going to play one shot at a time, that old cliché, and see how it goes and have fun.

Q. How have you been warming up for this event?
GEMMA DRYBURGH: Well, I actually went out to play The Castle Course for the British Open qualifier this past weekend. I played that and got some links practise there and just played two practise rounds so far.

Q. Is there anything else going on? Are there any colourful events?
GEMMA DRYBURGH: Well, my family is coming to watch this week, so looking forward to that. My parents are here and then my aunt and uncle are coming, so it will be nice for them to see me play because they don't get to see me play very often, so that will be special.

Q. Who is your caddie?
GEMMA DRYBURGH: Eric Black is my caddie. He's from Monifieth. So he's from Scotland.

Q. And what would it mean to do well here?
GEMMA DRYBURGH: Yeah, it would mean a lot to do well this week. Like I said no, expectations but I'd love to do well and get the flag flying for Scotland. It's obviously a great event for Scotland in general, having such a big ladies tournament in Scotland.

Q. Can you see a difference this year compared to the previous?
GEMMA DRYBURGH: Yeah, it's my second year playing it. Yeah, big difference from last year. It's just bigger and better, and the course is looking even better and slightly longer, which is cool.

Yeah, it's nice to see the tented village and obviously the players' lounge and just bigger and better.

Q. What about the prize money, 1.5 million?
GEMMA DRYBURGH: That's a big difference. Always nice to play for a bit more money. It's the biggest tournament I've played in, so that's also very special, as well.

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