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July 22, 2017

Cheryl Reeve

Seattle, Washington - Postgame

West - 130, East - 121

CHERYL REEVE: Something that I shared with the West All-Stars was that these are moments that I will never take for granted, how special it is to have a chance to be in their company and share such fun times in their careers. Fun day. You know, great weekend. Seattle did a great job in hosting the All-Star Game. I think the players did an unbelievable job giving of themselves, as we always do, to the community here, and I thought we put on a good show today.

Q. Yesterday when I was chatting with some of the newbies, that ones that have never been here, they all talked about Maya [Moore] being the barometer of how hard they were going to have to go today. Can you just talk about that sort of concept of Maya as tone setter as usual?
CHERYL REEVE: Yeah, that's just Maya, and whenever Maya is playing the game, she only knows one way, whether it's an All-Star Game or whether it's Game 5 of The Finals, and that's what makes her really, really special. And like you said, in an All-Star Game, you get a little bit of different personalities out there, different concepts, and Maya wants to win the game. So I know she was happy, and I thought Nneka [Ogwumike] -- Nneka is the same way. Nneka has an energy about her, and that's an attribute that makes those players really, really special.

Q. How do you approach a game like that where, yes, obviously you want to win, but everyone is just having a good time, too?
CHERYL REEVE: I think first and foremost, have a good time. Let the chips fall where they might. My biggest challenge or my biggest pressure on the day is managing the minutes. I wanted to make sure we did right by as many people as we could. You can't necessarily please everyone, but we kind of had a priority obviously of making sure that Sue [Bird] and [Breanna Stewart] Stewie had a chance to play in front of their fans, and just making sure minutes-wise we got some Lynx players on the floor at the same time, making sure LA got all three of their players, Bird and Stewie playing together. Just different things like that. That's where my thoughts were, and making sure we ran decent plays out of timeouts. Other than that, have a great time.

Q. Can you talk about the role of the hometown crowd behind Sue Bird and the role that that played in the game?
CHERYL REEVE: Yeah, and we knew that Seattle would be this way. For it to be their first All-Star Game is something that they've earned. This fan base here, like you said, the environment that you get to play in, I can't imagine being Sue Bird and feeling that energy and passion from her fans. You know, for it to be her tenth All-Star Game, she's closer to the end than to the beginning, and to be able to experience such adulation, I just can't imagine what that would feel like, so that was special to experience. And then just really cool to kind of see who was in the stands to watch. Seattle's fan base is wide reaching, whether -- I had chills when Bill Russell was up on the screen and I saw how close he was sitting to us. Obviously Richard Sherman being a great fan, tweeting about having tickets to the All-Star Game long ago, those are all things that I will remember from my time here in Seattle, and Seattle's fan base deserves a tremendous amount of credit.

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