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July 22, 2017

Curt Miller

Seattle, Washington - Postgame

West - 130, East - 121

CURT MILLER: It was an honor to coach the East team. We had a couple goals when we came in with eight of the 11 first-time All-Stars was first and foremost to have a blast and live in the moment, have fun, and I think they really enjoyed the game and had fun playing. Second one, most importantly, that we returned everyone to their teams and head coaches injury-free. So we managed minutes, we split them up evenly, got everybody out healthy. Some of the players asked at times to limit their minutes. We had fun, we limited the minutes, and I thought we put on a great show. Really exciting to be a part, especially with those eight players, that went through that the first time, as our staff did, also. Tremendous day, and Seattle has been an unbelievable host for this opportunity.

Q. Jonquel Jones is your player, and she had quite the game. Can you talk about the afternoon she had here and was this a star-making performance?
CURT MILLER: Well, really excited for Jonquel, but everybody got to see the talent on display. She dribbled coast to coast, she shared the basketball, she steps out and makes threes. The West allowed her to have an opportunity to even dunk at the end of the game, which we don't even see often in practice. She's an amazing young talent for this league. She's only going to get better and better, but she can do a little bit of everything as was on display today. Really happy for her and proud, and look for her game to just keep growing.

Q. How did having eight first-time All-Stars affect your approach?
CURT MILLER: Well, it made it easier to be honest with you, with us being first-timers. We looked at Tina [Charles] and we looked at Candice [Dupree] and said, all right, what do we all do. So we had fun and played hard and just tried to really soak up the moment. It's fun right now in the East. There's a lot of young talent. You look at the West, and it's kind of a tale of two stories. Some of the players in the fourth quarter of their career. But there's a lot of young faces in this league that are poised to be the faces of the future, and a lot of those reside in the East right now. Really excited to be a part of that, and again, we just tried to live in the moment that they could really enjoy what they've earned this first half.

Q. Coach Reeve talked about the reception of Seattle as a city. How do you feel they did as hosts?
CURT MILLER: Absolutely -- as I said, just unbelievable hosts. The reception last night treated all of us first-class, the orange carpet, the amount of people that were there to cheer us on as we entered the event. From top to bottom, Seattle has been amazing.

You have to not only single out the city of Seattle but the team, and then everything that Sue [Bird] and [Breanna Stewart] Stewie have done in preparation for this All-Star Game is pretty remarkable, and hats off to Seattle.

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