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July 22, 2017

Lexi Thompson

Toledo, Ohio

Q. Do you like how you're playing, how you're feeling going into Sunday?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it's been better the last two days. I'm not hitting the ball flight I would like. I'm actually hitting a little cut out there, but it's just getting me around. I hit it very solid the last few days, so a lot of positives to take from it.

Q. With the final grouping, what was the atmosphere like for you today?
LEXI THOMPSON: Oh, it was great. They had a lot of fans out there watching us, so that's always nice to see, cheering us on, hearing them cheer and clap and giving us high fives. That's always the best, and hopefully we get even more people out there tomorrow. I know I won't be in the final group, but it's all good, hopefully, and we get a lot of fans.

Q. How well is Nelly playing, and have you had any experience playing with her in her short career?
LEXI THOMPSON: I actually haven't. I might have played with her once or twice, but I've always known that she's a great player, has a lot of talent, long off the tee, and overall just a very solid player. It's going to take a low one tomorrow to beat her, and there's a lot of great players around her. It's going to take a lot of birdies, though.

Q. What's it like for you to be out on Tour, and I know everybody in the LPGA wants to grow the game, and it kind of starts with the little girls right there wanting autographs?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it's truly amazing, just to see all the little kids, little girls and boys out here supporting us, we want to grow the game, and it's amazing with all the LPGA, USGA Girls Golf program that I'm a part of, and just to see little kids pick up a club at such a young age, and just to see the smiles that they have out here supporting us, it means the world to us that we're giving back to the game and growing it.

Q. What will you have to do tomorrow to contend for the title?
LEXI THOMPSON: Well, like I said, it'll take a lot of birdies. Definitely a low score to put up. But I'm just going to take it one shot at a time. All I can control is my game and my attitude out there, and that's all I can do. Hope for the best.

Q. Is it fun playing in tournaments where it's kind of a birdie-fest?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, I mean, it's definitely fun. Making birdies is always a good time. But it's important to just hit the fairways out here because the rough is a little thicker to where you can get jumpers out of them. You know, like I said, you've just got to take it one shot at a time, and hopefully there's birdies.

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