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May 28, 2004

Hiforumi Miyase


Q. Well, congratulations on a very, very good round.


Q. First year on Tour. Is this the best you've played so far through two rounds?

HIROFUMI MIYASE: I'm very satisfied with these first two rounds that I have played so far.

Q. How is the course playing? Does this type of course suit your game?

HIROFUMI MIYASE: I'm thinking that way. That's how I'm playing.

Q. Is it playing easier today? Is it a lot easier today than it was yesterday when the greens were so hard?

HIROFUMI MIYASE: Because of the rain, the greens were a little bit softer today, so in that sense it might be playing a little bit easier, but the pin positions are a little bit difficult, too. So it's hard to tell if it's playing difficult or not.

Q. How amazing is it to be playing so well, when you've never played here before in this tournament?

HIROFUMI MIYASE: I still have two more rounds to play, so hopefully by the end of the two rounds tomorrow or Sunday, I'm going to feel satisfied.

Q. Has it been hard getting adjusted to the course, though?

HIROFUMI MIYASE: It's very kind of similar to the courses in Japan in one sense, but the conditions are great. The green conditions, the fairway conditions are great, so it makes me do my best.

Q. Have you been in contention in a PGA TOUR event after two rounds like this?

HIROFUMI MIYASE: It's my first time in this position.

Q. Does it feel good or make you nervous? Will you be able to sleep tonight?

HIROFUMI MIYASE: If this was Saturday night maybe I'd be more nervous.

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