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August 25, 1997

Tamarine Tanasugarn

Flushing Meadows, New York

Q. How does it feel to win the first match at this new US Open?

TAMARINE TANASUGARN: I feel very happy that I played in the stadium, to be the first -- no, two players in the first stadium. So, pretty happy. It's my first time to play in a big, like, stadium, say, centre court, so I'm pretty happy to be on that court.

Q. Were you nervous?

TAMARINE TANASUGARN: First time, no. See, I never play on the biggest, like, courts, so maybe a little bit nervous in the first time.

Q. Did you expect to win and to win this easily?

TAMARINE TANASUGARN: For me, I just play my best. I didn't expect anything. I just play my best. Because, Chanda, she's very good, top players. She's got lots of experience, so she play a lot of top players before. So I just go and I hit the balls and I play my best in the game.

Q. What do you think happened in the second set?

TAMARINE TANASUGARN: I was playing better, better in the second set. And then I just try, like, not to hit, like, a lot of unforced errors, so I just put the ball in the courts, try to play hard to be tough, to get all the balls back, so.

Q. Would this be your best win?

TAMARINE TANASUGARN: Maybe. I'm not sure. But I think so. But I play Ruxandra Dragomir in Canada, first round there.

Q. That's a 23,000 seat stadium. Before now, what was the largest stadium or court you played on?

TAMARINE TANASUGARN: I play on Court 1 in Wimbledon two years ago, final junior Wimbledon, so that's my biggest at that time. So probably this is the biggest that I play.

Q. Could you tell us a little about your hometown and where it is, how you first started? We don't see many Thai tennis players.

TAMARINE TANASUGARN: Where was I born? States, California. At that time my dad works in California. When I was five, I moved back to Thailand with my dad, then I was practicing. First time I started in LA. Then we continue to play in Thailand, then start to play the tournaments there. At that time I played the junior's tournaments in Asia, then we just come up for professional.

Q. Who is the best tennis player from Thailand?

TAMARINE TANASUGARN: Who is the best? They have a lot of good players from Thailand, but long, long time ago. The most best player; I think they played like juniors Wimbledon, probably five, six years ago.

Q. So right now, you'd be the top player from Thailand?


Q. Where, specifically, in LA are you based? Who is your coach?

TAMARINE TANASUGARN: Right now I'm staying in Bangkok, Thailand, with my daddy in Thailand. We move from LA since I was five, now I'm staying in Thailand right now.

Q. Did you ever dream that you would win the first match in the new Arthur Ashe Stadium, such a big event like this?

TAMARINE TANASUGARN: I'm pretty happy. It was a lucky day for me. I was lucky to play in the first match in the centre court, because normally for me, I'm not going to play in the stadium for sure. But lucky that I play with Chanda. That's why I have to play on stadium maybe, uh-huh.

Q. How far do you expect to go?

TAMARINE TANASUGARN: I didn't expect this much. But I just one by one, play my game, try my best on each matches.

Q. What did you think of the court? What impressions do you have of the stadium or the court or the feeling of being in there?

TAMARINE TANASUGARN: The first time I feel like, "Wow, I'm playing the biggest courts for myself in my life." But after that, I tried not to think anything. I try to like concentrate on my games, playing my games. But everything is perfect. Everything, it's nice.

Q. What's the largest stadium you had played in before this?

TAMARINE TANASUGARN: Court No. 1 in Wimbledon. Probably it's good for me because it's no more, the old one.

Q. Do you feel comfortable in such a big place? Could you feel comfortable in such a big stadium today?

TAMARINE TANASUGARN: Probably I feel normal. Try to like concentrate on my game more than the courts.

Q. What is the biggest stadium in Thailand, tennis stadium? Can you describe it?

TAMARINE TANASUGARN: What is the big stadium? Probably 100 people. But anyway, we going to have Asian games for next year. I hope they have bigger.

Q. That's in Bangkok?


Q. How much does that new stadium hold, the one they're building now?


Q. People.

TAMARINE TANASUGARN: Probably 100, 200. I don't know. It's very small.

Q. The big stadium they're building now.

TAMARINE TANASUGARN: It's going to be built? I don't know. Probably 10,000, 20,000. Still small

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