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July 20, 2017

Andy Sullivan

Southport, England

ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, definitely, I felt like I played really well today, so I've been really disciplined, and trying to play away from the pins a little bit and keeping it in the middle of the greens, and didn't feel like I had much reward. So to get the one there felt like a bonus really to top the day off, especially with the score being so good. It keeps me amongst it sort of thing.

Q. (Inaudible.)
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, you know, I think the rains made the greens are a little softer, and the wind has died down. When I first got here about 10:00 the wind it was gusting pretty good. Right now, you know, it's laying down a little bit. So you can get a few more pins, par-5s.

So massive advantages for the later starts today, and by the way it looks tomorrow, I think the guys that are off late will not be too happy. But obviously for me to get that eagle on 17 was crucial to keep myself in the scoring being so good.

Q. (Inaudible.)
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, definitely, you know, I've been putting myself on the right side of the leaderboard the last four or five weeks now. So I just want to get myself in that position Sunday, and hopefully I can finish one of these off. I felt like I've been playing really well leading up to the first three days, and then just sort of Sundays alluded me. But I think that's the frustration of not winning for a while and trying to make it happen too much rather than let it happen. So it would be nice to top one off there on a Sunday.

Q. (Inaudible.)
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, definitely. Obviously it's been two years since I've won. I feel like my game has really come back to where it was when I started winning. So obviously my main goal this year is to try to top a win. There's a fine line of not trying too hard and trying too hard sort of thing. I've just got to try to find that somewhere.

Q. (Inaudible.)
ANDY SULLIVAN: Definitely. I feel really comfortable with my life, and the way things are going on the course. I think I just found a little bit of spell where life off the course was getting a little bit too much for me, and then just sort of found my way back again. Now I'm happier off the course, and it showed in the last five or six weeks now.

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