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March 24, 1995

Pete Sampras


GREG SHARKO: Pete has been named the IBM/ATP charity sports men of the week and $5,000 will be donate had in his name to the N. J. T. L. Chapter. Also before we begin this will be the 7th meeting between the two, since in the last year and Pete has won 4 of the previous 6 during this '94, 95 season.

Q. What is the other one besides the Australian that he lost?

GREG SHARKO: The other loss, it was Paris indoor. This will be the first one versus 2 semifinal here since 1988. And Pete will also attempt to become the first 3 time winner in the 11 year history of the tournament. All right questions for Pete.

Q. Looks a bit like Davis Cup to me. How does it feel like to be up 2-Love to be in Davis Cup?

PETE SAMPRAS: I don't get it.

Q. Together with Agassi. Bjorkman being Swedish.


Q. Does it give you a feeling of how it could be like to play with Agassi in Davis Cup?

PETE SAMPRAS: Well, what are you talking about? Are you talking about the match against Sweden in the semis or being teammates with him?

Q. Okay.

PETE SAMPRAS: I have been teammates with Andre a number of times and we are going to play on Sunday, fly together over to Palermo on Monday and that is it.

Q. Pete, you know after that first set there, second set big difference. What seemed to really snap out of that?

PETE SAMPRAS: Well, I was playing it simple got outplayed in the first set got off to a slow start. He was playing well returning as well as he can return an serving pretty big on the big points and I just really raised my level a couple of notch chest in the second and then kind of just maintained that for the most part in the third until I had a bit after hiccough there at 4-Love and lost my serve. I return the pretty well the one thing I didn't do that great was serve. My first serve percentage really didn't feel like it was that great. But it felt like I am hitting the ball well and moving well, so Sunday's match should be some good tennis.

Q. How hard has it been not looking ahead to final possibly playing Andre I am sure you have to somewhere be thinking about that at times no matter how much you try to concentrate on the match at hand?

PETE SAMPRAS: Well, obviously whenever I come into this room it is something that I tend to talk about. Like that old cliché one match at a time you guys hate hearing it. It is the fact. You can't look ahead. Andre came close to losing today. I came close to losing yesterday, so it is not like we are planning on playing the finals every week. These guys are out to beat us and -- but we have made it so far and so we will see what happens on Sunday.

Q. Could you sort of deep out the way the match will probably go on Sunday between you and Andre?


Q. That is a Miami saying.

PETE SAMPRAS: I am sure you have seen us play before. It is a pretty straightforward match. I will be coming in and, you know, he will be staying back and it is basically we know what each other is going to do it is just a matter of who does it better and who feels better Sunday morning. I certainly feel -- I hope I feel better than I did last year. It is going to be good tennis two guys that are very different so I think people like to see a bit after contrast.

Q. Were you aware that he lead a crowd chant after his match today Pete, Pete, Pete? Did you hear about that?


Q. He obviously wanted this match on Sunday. Was this something that you wanted to see?

PETE SAMPRAS: Yeah, I feel like I really need to be at my best hopefully Andre and I had can bring tennis to a new level an get a more exciting for the fans and for little kids, and you know we really bring out the best in each other. There is definitely a lot of respect there with Andre and myself, and, you know, time will tell if we can get that rivalry going like kind of a Borg/McEnroe did, but I am looking forward to it. I am sure he is. It is like 2 heavyweights going at it. It should be fun for the fans. I am sure we will enjoy it.

Q. There was that joking remark he made after the final in Indian Wells about telling his dad he was going to kick your rear end.

PETE SAMPRAS: You can say it, as.

Q. How about some comment on that.

PETE SAMPRAS: Well, he was just having some fun. Andre likes to have some fun every now and again. It wasn't anything malicious. I am sure he wants to date me and you guys know I want to beat him.

GREG SHARKO: Anything else?

Q. Medvedev is not coming in?

PETE SAMPRAS: Oh, no. Bjorkman, you mean.


End of FastScripts....

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