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July 16, 2017

Matt Kuchar

Ayrshire, Scotland

Q. Coming off a 69 Sunday here at the Scottish, what does that do for momentum for you heading into Birkdale?
MATT KUCHAR: It's great to come over. I had an amazing week. I really enjoyed my time over here. I had a bit of everything, which is what you hope for with some difficult conditions, good conditions. Always a bit of a breeze. It's a fun course to play.

Amazing how differently it played. I think the 10th hole yesterday, I hit a 4-iron into. Today it was a sand wedge. Played very different and great to get so many looks. The point was to come over, play well, try to contend, but also to get ready for next week.

Q. Coming off a good performance at the Scottish where you've had good results before, what's the confidence level now for The Open Championship?
MATT KUCHAR: It's funny, with the British Open, I'm always looking back after the week trying to figure out, how could I have prepared differently. My track record's not great at the British. I continue to try to figure out, what's the best way for me to try to play good. A lot of times that conclusion is come over and play the Scottish.

I think coming over, getting some links golf in is great prep. Getting some competitive golf in on links golf is great. Hopefully that's the way it works. Hopefully next week's a good week.

Q. How do you assess your four rounds of golf?
MATT KUCHAR: Really enjoyed my time over here. Had a great week. It's been a bit of everything, which is sort of what you hope for when you come over. You hope to have some weather you can enjoy yourself, test yourself in links golf, and some challenging conditions that will see if it can toughen you up and see what kind of mettle you've got. We've had some of everything. It's been a good week.

Q. Final round 69. What do you take from that into next week at Birkdale?
MATT KUCHAR: I think after the last few British Opens, I tend to revisit what I've done to get ready and I always see, what can I do better and how can I best prepare to play well at the British.

A lot of times, my conclusion is come over and play The Scottish Open and get some competitive rounds in on links golf. I think this has been a week that I'm certainly glad I came over and played.

Q. Two good performances in the majors so far this year. How confident are you that you can take that into next week and another good finish?
MATT KUCHAR: You never know. I certainly go hoping to play well. I certainly go looking forward to just a fun week of golf. I think you get over to the British Open, it's major golf, it's links golf. It's something unique and different, and I always get excited to go play.

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