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July 16, 2017

Derek Lowe

Mardy Fish

Stateline, Nevada

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by Mardy Fish, Derek Lowe, tied for second in this American championship, behind Mark Mulder. Derek, take us through your day.

DEREK LOWE: It was a good front nine. We made the turn and we were both tied and then just couple of short-game blunders, one on 11 and then I think I 3-chipped on 14 and that was kind of the beginning of the end. Not birdieing either one of the par 5s. He didn't make any mistakes. He's obviously a solid player and knows how to play on Sunday.

But all in all, I'll take it. It's obviously an experience that I'll never forget.

Q. Being in this position for the first time, how much can that help you moving forward?
DEREK LOWE: Hopefully, yeah, you get back in the situation. But at the end of the day, I had a great time last year coming in 12th.

This is a phenomenal, phenomenal event. They do a great job and again you do the best you can and see where the chips fall.

Q. Mardy, obviously a rough day out there today for you. Can you just kind of take us through your round?
MARDY FISH: The whole week came down to really one club for me and that was the putter. And at times it felt a little embarrassing the way I was putting, but I hit the ball okay and coming in with not much playing time.

But it was awesome. Obviously like always and we all had a blast. But getting a little tired of finishing second. (Laughter).

Q. Derek, take us through your round.
DEREK LOWE: It came down to really basically the back nine. I wrapped up, I think, a grand total of two points on the back. That's probably not going to get it done.

14, I had 80 yards and I hit it four yards and I hit it 10 yards and I hit it 12 yards, and eventually that was enough. I got a six. That was the hole that kind of did it in for me.

But I'll just, again, what a great experience to finish second to play in the final group with these great golfers. So it was awesome.

Q. You looked like you had a little fun out there today. On 11, when you hit that shot across the green, what were you thinking after the drop yesterday?
DEREK LOWE: I went and asked. I made sure we did it properly. But, yeah, you live and learn. I play amateur golf and unfortunately you don't know the rules. But, yeah, we made sure we got it right.

Q. As far as how Mark played today, was it just the typical relentless head down, just keep playing solid, solid, solid all day or what?
MARDY FISH: He plays really solid golf. If he makes a mistake, he cleans it up. He got some good breaks today as well, and he makes birdies when he needs to and sort of keeps the pressure on always.

You never really feel like, oh, I got him here in this position or that. I didn't personally put him in any danger today, but he certainly did on the front nine, played 300 on the front nine and played great.

So he just -- he plays a lot and he's very handy and crafty around the greens and he's a great putter and he deserves to win. He's certainly the best -- he's shown he's the best player out here.

Q. How do you stop the guy, three in a row?
MARDY FISH: Me, personally, I have to figure out my putting. And if I do that, I can stop him. I did that in Florida last year and won by, I think, 15. And I putted well there. So I've got to putt better.

Q. You were on the fringe in two on 4 I believe it was, ended up with six, 3-putted the par three. How big were those holes?
MARDY FISH: 3 was a big hole. Three was kind of a -- I played the first two holes well, two birdie putts and then hit two -- my best drive of the day on 3. And then I hit a great 3-iron to kind of pin high, and just misjudged the greens all week like I did last year.

I remember last year I had 11 3-putts. So it's really pretty much a constant sort of thing. But you're right that No. 3 was really a tough pill to swallow there where I went from basically a 4-putt. I was right off the fringe. It was a 4-putt.

And you kind of go, okay, it would be nice to roll this in, but let's just make sure we make a 3-pointer and move on and sort of start your round with something and going into probably the easiest hole on the course -- one of -- and I just wasn't able to do it and got kind of down on myself a little bit there and just couldn't really get out of that funk for a few holes.

Q. Mardy, is the putter usually a weapon for you?

Q. So it's just not --
MARDY FISH: I could use it as a weapon.

Q. Not the strongest --
MARDY FISH: No, that's by far the weakest part of my game. And it's the one sort of club in your bag for most everybody, that if you don't play, that's probably the last one to come, I would think. And that and around the greens and stuff. And I was horrendous with that specific club this week.

Q. Can we get you on the record on how amazing Federer is; he won Wimbledon today?
MARDY FISH: He's amazing.

Q. Anything else?
MARDY FISH: No. What can you say? He comes back, takes time off, comes back just for that specific event, takes time off, comes back for the Australian Open. I mean, really the Australian Open was the one where you were a little surprised about because he hadn't made the final since 2013. So it had been four years, roughly.

And for him to -- now it sort of feels like he's the best player in the world. And it's not surprising anymore, but it was for a little bit there. And him and Rafa now winning all of the Masters events and Grand Slams so far except for one. Pretty cool time in tennis again.

Q. Derek, you were surprising many people hanging in there through the front nine. Were you surprising yourself at that point?
DEREK LOWE: No. I think coming into it, it was actually great for me. I moved to Michigan. So I haven't played golf for three or four weeks leading up to it.

Sometimes it's good to get a refresher, come out here. The practice rounds are what they are. But you could see you had enough game to continue to get better every day. But, no, I think I've had good rounds.

I've had good rounds. I've had 19 points and I'd come back with a seven. So I understand people thinking at some point you're going to falter. But I believed in myself, and you know what, I actually -- my putter saved me all week. My short game is my weakest part. We saw it on 14. And at least I know what I have to work on.

Q. Now that you've retired, you see what this is about -- I remember Michael Jordan used to say once I retire, a couple years in, I can win this thing. Do you think you're about that mentality?
DEREK LOWE: This is my fifth year, I've been retired for quite some time. I love the event. We only have a couple of these.

He won the one in Orlando. And this one. You look forward to the invite every year, and you have 80 people, 85 people that love to compete.

So, it's just a great atmosphere, great arena, and just fell a little short.

Q. But you do think you can win this thing eventually?
DEREK LOWE: Yeah, I think a lot of people here believe. I don't think you're going to show up here as a competitor say I want a top 15.

So, yeah, I believe there's probably 15, 20 guys that believe they have a chance to win.


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