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July 16, 2017

Sung-hyun Park

Bedminster, New Jersey

Q. You looked so calm on the inside but talk a little bit about what were you feeling when you were behind the 18th green having to chip, knowing the championship might be on the line?
SUNG-HYUN PARK: When I was approaching to make the fourth shot, 18th hole, I had to be -- my mind went completely blank. But I remember to stick with how I usually play because it was part of my practice and I stuck with it and I did it.

Q. And last year you were the 36 hole leader at CordeValle, the 2016 Open, you had a second shot on the 72nd hole to potentially make a birdie and be apart of the playoff there.
What did you learn from that experience last year that helped you this year?

SUNG-HYUN PARK: Last year I think toward the end I was getting more anxious and I just wanted to probably reduce the number of stroke, that I was probably pressuring myself.

So I think because of that probably made more mistake than I can. But this year I owe to that great experience that I had, I think I learned more and was able to have a better play this time.

Q. And Sung-Hyun, looking at the names on that trophy, what does it mean to add your name to the game's greats on the Harton S. Semple Trophy?
SUNG-HYUN PARK: Well, I actually cannot believe that even I am making this acceptance speech, that this is actually happening, but the fact that I guess my name is going to be engraved on it is unbelievable joy and happiness. I am so thankful and happy.

Q. Finally, how did it feel to have an out-pouring of support by all these fans out here in New Jersey?
SUNG-HYUN PARK: I recognize lot of my fans flew in from Korea to cheer me at this tournament and also the great Americans who live around here, they were so gracious and hospitable, provide me Korean food day after day so I could nourish myself and gain strength.

I also want to thank all of you out there. I also like to thank my fans here in the United States. So, I want to say something short, try in English so bear with me, please.

"Thank you, and to my fans, thank you."

Q. Sung-Hyun, congratulations and a great victory that. That concludes our prize presentation. Please join us next year for the 73rd U.S. Women's Open at Shoal Creek. Good night, everybody.
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