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July 16, 2017

Morgan Hoffman

Silvis, Illinois

Q. Morgan, great round of golf today. Boy, really hot start: 30 on the front. Just some thoughts on today's round.
MORGAN HOFFMAN: It was great. You know, my irons started clicking today. Been really struggling this year with them, so it was nice to kind of just get up and swing and kind of forget about all the bad shots and reminisce on a few of the rounds I've had in the past here.

It was nice to get a good start.

Q. You're the only player today so far to drive the 14th green as well. Great birdie there. Curious, course setup today, anything catch your eye? Is there hole location or something different the guys will face down the stretch later today?
MORGAN HOFFMAN: 18 is always a tough hole to finish on. There are some great birdie opportunities coming in. The tees are up on 10; it's downwind on 14. You know, it's a course where the finishing stretch a lot can happen, so it should be an exciting finish.

Q. Tell us a little bit about your round. It looked like it didn't exactly end the way you wanted it to, but for most of the day it looked like you really had it going.
MORGAN HOFFMAN: Yeah, overall happy with a 7-under on Sunday. It's always cool to post that. The beginning part of the round was a lot of fun.

Coming down the stretch I felt great. Just hit a couple bad putts coming in. I'm ecstatic about the round today.

Q. Talk about the eagle on 5.
MORGAN HOFFMAN: The eagle I hit 3-wood off the tee; hit it really good and got down to the end of the fairway. Had a perfect number in there to the front pin.

I told my caddie before I hit it, Let's just hole this, and I actually did. We were pretty pumped.

Q. Did that get you going a little bit more? You already had it working for you early.
MORGAN HOFFMAN: Yeah, absolutely. To go 4-under after five was a bonus.

Q. You know the guys that are still out there with a full 18 to play are going to make some birdies today. Were you hoping for just a few minutes to put your name all the way back up at the top and give people a target number to shoot at?
MORGAN HOFFMAN: Yeah, of course. The guys that leading are playing so well I don't think under --over 20-uner is going to win.

I was so far back. It's jam-packed up there, so I was happy.

Q. What's your status regarding British Open? Are you in already or not going?
MORGAN HOFFMAN: No, I'm not going.

Q. You were hoping maybe this weekend would get you in there, right?
MORGAN HOFFMAN: Yeah, yeah. The bad play the first couple days held me back, so...

Q. Conditions any different out there? Seems like it might be a little breezier or something today.
MORGAN HOFFMAN: Yeah, it's a little bit more windy, but it's a good wind for the course for scoring conditions, and greens are great today.

Q. When you left the course last night did you see a number like yours out there today?
MORGAN HOFFMAN: I think this course sets up really well for me. I can see a low number in my eye. Just depends on if the putts go in.

Q. Do you know Patrick much?

Q. Just wondering your thoughts about him. Obviously he's got a chance to win for the first time in his career.
MORGAN HOFFMAN: Yeah, no, he's a great player. Hits it long. That's obviously an advantage out here. If you're hitting it in the fairways, it's great to have a wedge in every hole.

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