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July 16, 2017

Wesley Bryan

Silvis, Illinois

Q. Great round of golf today, highlighted by five in a row. Let's start there. What was the trigger? What kicked in on the back nine?
WESLEY BRYAN: I mean, I looked at Willie, we were just trying to make as many birdies as we could on the back nine and not even thinking about potentially getting in the mix in the actual golf tournament.

Honestly, it was a bunch of tap-ins on the back nine. I think I made a 10- to 12-footer, and then maybe a 15- to 20-footer; the rest of them were just kick-ins.

All in all, really stress free and in pretty good form heading into next week.

Q. What is it about this golf course that you love so much? Played great here last year as your debut as a member on Tour. Tied for 8th now here in the mix again; maybe good enough to win.
WESLEY BRYAN: Yeah, I mean, it's a golf course that I'm really comfortable on as far as the looks off the tee. You don't have to hit it overly long to get a bunch of wedge opportunities.

The greens are just perfect, soft bent greens, so you're able to take dead aim without really thinking too much about what it's going to roll out or spin back to.

Those are the courses I think play right into my hand, and this is a place that I really look forward coming back to even single year.

Q. How good did the putt look on 18? It looked great to me. I thought it was in.
WESLEY BRYAN: It looked good. It never turned to the right. I read it to break about half a cup to the right and broke about nothing to the straight.

So next time it'll go in.

Q. Talk about this round. You started early and just kind of kept it going, with one little hiccup today.
WESLEY BRYAN: Yeah, I made two bogeys. One was with a wedge in my hand and other was a three-putt. Those are just really, really dumb mistakes.

For the most part, I had the foot on the gas pedal all day. On the back nine, I mean, it could have been a lot better. Missed a couple pretty good opportunities and missed a good opportunity on the last hole.

All in all, just to be in the conversation here coming down the stretch of the tournament is still something to be proud of.

Q. Did you think as far back as you were that you would be in that conversation?
WESLEY BRYAN: No. Honestly, I expected those guys to go a little bit lower a little bit quicker. But now that it's posted on the board, they have something to look at. Hopefully can hold up and maybe sneak into a playoff, but I think it's still (indiscernible).

Q. How much do you relax maybe or loosen up or just play a little more free when you are chasing on Sunday?
WESLEY BRYAN: Honestly, I prefer to have the lead. Any time you can have the lead in the golf tournament, that is when you should be the most comfortable.

I would prefer to have people chasing me, but every once to a while it's fun just going out there and trying to make as many birdies as you can with really not a lot of pressure on you, a lot of eyeballs.

That was kind of one of those rounds that I had today.

Q. Three really solid rounds here; just the one even par.
WESLEY BRYAN: Yeah, I mean, that was just a bunch of brain farts all in a row really is what it felt like. I wasn't really sharp on Friday, and might cost me the golf tournament; it might not.

It's still a lot to build on heading into the Open Championship.

Q. Talk about next week. How do you build, get ready to go over there?
WESLEY BRYAN: Get on the charter tonight and maybe get out and walk the golf course tomorrow afternoon and play a couple practice rounds Tuesday and Wednesday and be ready to go.

Q. Feel like your game is ready for that style?
WESLEY BRYAN: Yeah. It's trending in the right direction. Actually I worked a lot at home this past week on shots that I'm going to be having next week. It's not like I was really spending a lot time preparing for this style of golf.

We'll see if it pays off.

Q. With how low guys are shooting, do you think 16 might not be able to cut it?
WESLEY BRYAN: No, I'm thinking probably 17 or 18 is probably going to be what it takes to get the trophy. All in all, good week. A lot to build on. Ready for next week.

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