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July 16, 2017

Zach Johnson

Silvis, Illinois

Q. ... pretty well on this championship Sunday.
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, thank you. It was a good day. I played -- this was probably the best round I played. I just didn't score. As far as opportunities, putting myself in position when I needed to make a run, it was a very solid day in that regard.

So frustrating that I didn't get the job done, but a lot of positives.

Q. When you tee'd serve and volley today, was it just, Hey I'm going to make a lot birdies or was there a number in mind?
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, I was trying to birdie every hole. I got done yesterday and shot 1-under and I'm like I'm going to go out and try birdie every hole and see what happens.

I got 16 and had about a three and a half-footer to get to 17. Lipped that out and that's when the wheels came off unfortunately.

But, again, more positives. I hit good shots coming down the stretch. Just didn't make any putts.

Q. Obviously found something this weekend. Feeling pretty good about getting on that plane and heading over to the Open Championship?
ZACH JOHNSON: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I love going over to that tournament. I love what it demands and certainly what it requires out of my game. I feel like I can compete there. Obviously I can compete there.

At this point, with the way my game is situated, I know it's just a matter of going out and executing, which I like.

Q. (No microphone.)
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, I think so. I mean, yeah. Easy to pick that apart right now. I think I didn't hit that bad of a tee shot on 15. Just cannot hit it in the rough there. Doesn't matter what side of the fairway you're on, have to hit that fairway.

Still had a chance, but leaving putts short, misshitting some putts, pushing some putts, that was the story certainly my last nine holes. I know I made a couple, but more the most part, felt like I gave a lot away.

Q. Any possibility that this one, any chance to win, slipped away yesterday when you didn't move far enough yesterday?
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, that's another way to look at it. I mean, yeah, I don't know. Certainly my last 36 holes there was plenty of opportunities. I just didn't capitalize.

Yeah, I mean, shooting 1-under around here in these conditions you're probably going to lose a little bit to the field regardless of what day it is and where you're situated.

Yeah, didn't help, you know. Never helps.

Q. You have a number in mind you wanted get to today to post?
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah. My goal was to birdie every hole today and give myself a chance on every hole. Early on it looked like my game plan was being executed.

Missed some putts on the front nine, too. That's what was good about it. Putt on 10 was terrible, too. Got to the hole, but it (indiscernible) the whole way I guess with that speed.

So couple putts that just ended up being short. Yeah, frustrating. I figured a 60 -- especially with the wind was there for a few holes, I thought a 63 would be possible and certainly put me right in it.

Q. Zach, did you notice the fans were enjoying that one little stretch where you and Steve were one and two on the leaderboard. Did you notice that?
ZACH JOHNSON: Oh, is that right? I didn't see that, no. I remember I was on 5 green and Damon and Pepsi were talking about, Hey, have you looked at the leaderboard. They're like Steve Stricker is winning the golf tournament right now.

I'm like, Huh? I forget he even made the cut. I'm just teasing. I knew he played well yesterday. To say I would be surprised would be a lie. It's Strick at the John Deere Classic.

Q. What's are the next 48 hours for you like, and what's the experience like when you take that charter over and get ready for the British?
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, next 48, well, a lot of packing and then resting and then trying to get acclimated to the time change.

Tomorrow I'll get there and get to where I'm staying and maybe relax a little bit; try to get a small work out in just to get a sweat going. That seems to be the best recipe there. I'll probably practice tomorrow late if the weather is cooperative just do get acclimated.

Monday and Tuesday night I don't set an alarm. I just sleep. That's been my system when I get over there to get as much rest as I can early in the week.

Q. What's this week like for you, especially as a past champion in this event?
ZACH JOHNSON: Very special. You take that out it's still a special week. This is the first sponsor exemption ever. First two, technically. Very special. I played in this tournament more than any other tournament. I feel like I'm definitely an ambassador of not only the tournament, but the company, John Deere, and the people.

I take pride in that yellow deer on my bag. I love seeing it. I love being here. I mean, this is as much of a home game as I'm going to play with the current schedule.

So, yeah, I love coming back to this area and playing in front of these fans. Doesn't matter if I make triples or doubles or what have you, they're still pulling for me.

Q. How about the same question for the week ahead as a past British Open champion. How special is that week for you?
ZACH JOHNSON: It's arguably my favorite tournament, so it's nice playing well going into that event. Yeah, I love this tournament. I love what it demands and requires of me.

I feel like my game is shaping up to compete certainly at that level again. Just a matter of execution, and I like to control that. Execution is something I take pride in.

Today wasn't execution, but you catch may drift.

Q. You played Birkdale before?
ZACH JOHNSON: Yes '08. I don't remember every hole. I remember the weather was awful. Go figure, but it was awful. I remember hitting a 4-iron from 270 and a 4-iron from 110, so awful.

Q. Another sponsor exemption in Patrick Rodgers from a few years ago, having success here, being at the top of the leaderboard a lot of today. What does that mean to you and this tournament?
ZACH JOHNSON: Well, doesn't mean anything to me. I had nothing to do with that. People think I have pull on who gets sponsor exemptions. P-Rog is a good buddy; he's a Midwest kid. We have the same manager, so I've known him since he was in college.

If anything, I think it gives a little bit of clout to how Clair Peterson and his staff really dissect the sponsor exemptions. I mean, a lot of those amateurs have made cuts here and obviously played well here, Patrick, being certainly that example as well.

I hope he just plays well coming in. There is only so much you can control, but I hope he plays really well coming in.

Q. How about the walk up the hill? What a wonderful reception you got.
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, awesome. I mean, even in the fairway to the green, that was special, too. Yeah, I mean, again, doesn't matter what score I'm at. It's just genuine and heartfelt. I'm still trying to stay focused on whatever it at hand. You can get caught up in it.

Like I said, this is as close to, well, anything I'm ever going to experience near home. More than that, I mean it's a quasi fifth major for me. I love everything about this tournament.

Q. Two years ago you were disappointed at the end of the day; you came so close. Seemed like you harnessed that into the week ahead. Could this be a parallel?
ZACH JOHNSON: I hope so, Mike. I hope so. I know my game is trending. I been saying that for a while, but I know it's trending. It's just a matter of when, not if.

If it's next week, fantastic. But I'm going to keep plugging. I think the best is yet to come. Certainly the arsenal in my golf bag is as good as it's ever been.

I think it's just really about scoring and making putts, and I like that challenge.

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