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July 16, 2017

Rick Lamb

Silvis, Illinois

Q. Well, Rick, the hardest thing to do on the PGA TOUR or one of the hardest is to follow up a really low round with another one. You go 63, 66. Pretty strong. What was the mindset? How did you do it?
RICK LAMB: Obviously I was five back going into the day. Wanted to chase down Patrick. Grew up playing with him. Great kid. We play a lot tournaments together, so I hope he can pull it out. We'll see what happens, I guess.

It was a fun day. Just trying to go at some pins and play a little more aggressively than maybe one would think I would in my position. I mean, figured I was hitting it well. Might as well just go after it.

Q. You showed really no nerves out there. Feeling nervous at any time?
RICK LAMB: Couple times. First time I was a little nervous, trying to think, maybe that putt on 18.

Q. Okay.
RICK LAMB: I thought I made it.

But really other than that, I felt good. I was pretty calm all weekend, yesterday included. Just had a good time with my caddie, T.J., out there, and turned in a pretty good score.

Q. Best-ever finish so far on the PGA tour. How does it feel? A lot of people shaking your hand. It's a big week for you.
RICK LAMB: Oh, yeah, it's exciting, I mean, with where I am on the FedExCup, too. I haven't played all that well this year. Feel like I sort of turned a corner with my game. A lot more comfortable out here. Grew up about three hours from here, so I am pretty comfortable on bent grass. It's been a good week.

Q. Talk about setting yourself up in a pretty good position here depending what happens. Pretty good finish for you. What's it mean to you?
RICK LAMB: Oh, yeah, good finish. Obviously would've liked to have that putt on the last hole to give myself a chance. I don't know what Bryson finished at. Sounds like he might have made his putt to get to 18.

Obviously if you would've told me 5-under at the beginning of the day I probably would've taken it. Obviously would like to be in a playoff right now, but pretty solid finish for me actually.

Q. You know, it's 5-under and it's also the three birdies on the last five. What's it mean to finish strong here?
RICK LAMB: The back nine there are plenty of opportunities. Just got to take advantage and make sure you put yourself in position and make the putts.

Obviously the three birdies were very meaningful for me. Probably took me from, I don't know, 20th place to tied for third. Obviously big for FedExCup points; it's big for me.

Q. Talk about the bogey on 9. What happened there?
RICK LAMB: Just got out of position off the tee. Same thing as Saturday. That was my last hole yesterday. Hit it in that left rough, and as a lefty it's hard to get it to cut from the rough there. Just bad position. Couldn't really get out of a jam, I guess.

Q. Were you kind of kicking yourself after that putt?

Q. No, on 9.
RICK LAMB: No, I thought I hit a good putt. Thought it was going to turn back a little at the end. I hit it where I want to. Kicking myself after the tee shot, not the putt.

Q. You'll have a good payday after this. Haven't earned a lot in your career, so to come away with possible a Top 5 finish, that's got to mean something for you.
RICK LAMB: Yeah. Like I said, it's big for FedExCup points. I mean, the money is great, but it's all about getting points to keep my card for next year.

It's good to see my game going to where I think it can be, so...

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