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July 16, 2017

Patrick Rodgers

Silvis, Illinois

PATRICK RODGERS: ... all the fans cheering me on all day. Just such a fun environment to play in. Not many like it on the Tour, so great one to have a chance to win.

Obviously a few holes I wish I had back, but my caddie and I were a great team today. I'm going to hold my head high and move forward and expect to win soon.

Q. You showed a lot of poise, a lot of class, and you're playing at a very high level heading to this next one.
PATRICK RODGERS: Yeah, it was a great experience, because having a 36-hole lead and 54-holed lead, because your tendency when you have the lead is to kind of hold on and play safe and guard against making mistakes.

But I had guys coming at me with some really low rounds. Obviously Bryson shot a great one today.

It's great experience for the future, and I look forward to winning very soon.

Q. It's a unique tournament. You think about Steve Stricker. Couple putts could have been in a playoff. A lot of coulda, shoulda, wouldas when you look at that leaderboard.
PATRICK RODGERS: Yeah, today you already had guys that were either tied for the lead or making moves that had a chance to post maybe 18, 19, 20. Obviously 70 isn't my best golf today.

Like I said, my caddie and I were a great team and looking forward to coming back and having many chances to win.

Q. Did you hear the ovation for Bryson on his putt on 18 and realized what kind of situation you were in there?
PATRICK RODGERS: Yeah, I had an aggressive mindset on 17. I felt like if I made birdie that would probably put the tournament away. I hit driver in the trees, and as soon as I hit it in there I heard his roar, that he probably got to 18.

So just fighting to make par there, and just kind of seemed to have everything go a little bit against me on that hole. Behind a tree and I couldn't advance it very far and trickled a foot into the rough.

Then hit an okay shot out of the green. Had to chip. Just part of it. One of those holes.

I stayed aggressive and I was proud of that. Gave it a nice run there on 18.

Q. Did you just get a bad kick on the chip there when you were on the green on 17?
PATRICK RODGERS: Yeah, didn't fly it quite as far as I wanted to, and it landed short and kicked right. Then I'll have to go back and watch it. I felt like I hit an okay putt, but obviously lipped out on me there.

Q. You've talked about how much this tournament means to you all week. Does that make this sting a little more in the end?
PATRICK RODGERS: Yeah, obviously there are a ton of reasons why I wanted to win this week, and the tournament being so special certainly is one of them. I had so many friends and family here, and that's not always the case when you're in contention across the country playing this tour.

This would've been a really special one. I'm holding my head high and looking forward to winning soon.

Q. What can you learn from the finish like this? What did you take away from it? You say experience.
PATRICK RODGERS: Yeah, I don't really have a ton of regrets. I'm proud of myself for staying aggressive all day. Obviously you look back on the back nine, and making bogeys on 14 and 17, that's where I lost the golf tournament; two pretty simple holes.

But I made bogeys being aggressive, and I wouldn't go back and change anything. I'm looking forward to be in this position again soon.

Q. You said couple holes you would like to have back. 17 probably the biggest one?
PATRICK RODGERS: Yeah, 14 and 17. Making bogeys on easy holes is never good. I didn't make many bogeys this week, so to have two of them on some simple holes probably cost me the golf tournament.

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