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July 3, 2017

Johanna Konta

Wimbledon, London, England

J. KONTA/Hsieh Su-Wei

6-2, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You looked fighting fit today. How are you feeling?
JOHANNA KONTA: I'm feeling well. I said after I'd hit on Sunday, yesterday, that that was kind of the first test to see how I was doing. I felt absolutely fine. And it was no different today.

Q. What do you feel the big difference between today and your meeting in Paris was?
JOHANNA KONTA: Quite honestly, I think I played a little bit better. I think I made it maybe a little tougher for her to get into the match.

However, again, it doesn't take much for there to be a momentum swing or for her to gain some more footing on the court. I knew that in the match, that it was going to be tricky till the very end. She's quite a tricky player to play. She doesn't give you too much rhythm.

I was really just trying to stay as focused on what I was trying to do out there, and not necessarily get caught up in her web.

Q. When Andy was in here before, he was saying he was feeling some pain from his injury, but it wasn't in any way affecting his movement or his game. Are you in exactly that boat? Are you feeling no pain at all?
JOHANNA KONTA: No, I'm not feeling any pain. I guess I'm in a slightly better boat than him then.

Q. (Question regarding momentum.)
JOHANNA KONTA: I guess I wasn't really sure how it could ruin my momentum. It was only three days ago that I played two great matches. It wasn't something - knock on wood - that kept me out of the game for a long time. I just played my last match on Thursday before today. It's quite a short turnaround.

I definitely came in with quite a good, significant amount of matches. So I was just looking forward to playing against my opponent today, to have another go, trying to beat her. Just happy with how I was able to compete.

Q. You and your Fed Cup captain had that very unfortunate situation in Romania. More recently John McEnroe drew quite a bit of criticism when he commented about Serena Williams would be about the 700th best ATP player. Some have said there's a connection, a dismissiveness towards women. Do you see any connection?
JOHANNA KONTA: I'm not sure that I actually am aware enough of the situation to comment on that.

For me personally, the situation that happened in Romania, it was an unfortunate one. It's not something I would like to experience again. I definitely wouldn't want any other person to experience it, male or female.

I have since then moved on. I'm now here at Wimbledon, quite a few months down the line.

But in terms of I guess the instance that you're talking about, I'm actually not aware. I don't follow too much what's going on around the world, so I can't comment.

Q. It's very rare that a player has to play two Grand Slam champions in the same day, let alone beat them. How much confidence did you gain from that day in particular? Has it led you to think you actually can win this fortnight?
JOHANNA KONTA: I guess when you're in a situation where you are potentially having to play two matches a day, I personally try to really compartmentalize as best as possible. I take it half an hour at a time. Potentially you have a long day ahead.

I don't think I necessarily have taken more confidence from that day in particular than any of the other days that I've had leading up into Wimbledon on the grass. I think it was a great day for me in terms of how I was able to adapt between the two different players that I got to play. It was also something that's quite nice that I got to play against Angie again. I hadn't beaten her yet. That I was able to beat her, that was also a nice thing for me.

However, I think tennis moves on very quickly. We're now at Wimbledon. I've now got matches here. I'm definitely looking forward to my next round. But obviously all the time that I've accumulated on the grass can only really help me.

Q. Back to the Eastbourne fall, a very heavy fall, I don't know if you've seen footage on it.
JOHANNA KONTA: Yeah, I think it was on replay on BBC Breakfast for like two days.

Q. What was going through your mind when you were laying there about the damage?
JOHANNA KONTA: No, I think a huge part of it was the shock of it. I fell quite hard backwards on my back, then my head. So it was the shock of what happened. I kind of got winded a bit. Then I was pretty sore through my body.

It was then just calming down to really assess what was going on. But then it was just trying to continue with the match. I was fortunate we only played two more points. Then it was just about recovery.

Q. You've not been beyond the second round before. A lot has been made about the British public, the lesser observant British public, might not know you as well, obviously not as well as Andy. Did you feel they were receptive to you today? Do you feel you need to go far to warm their hearts, really let them know about you?
JOHANNA KONTA: Well, I'm entering every single event to do my best. That's no different for Wimbledon. I know we're in an unfortunate situation that tennis is mainly on the map here during this period of the season for us.

However, I play my career in a tennis season context, so I don't live my career for this week particular, this fortnight particular. I live it for the whole season and try to really perform the best that I can in every event that I enter.

That said, I definitely would like to be involved here for the full fortnight to help, I guess, put tennis on the map that much more. But I think Andy's done a pretty tremendous job of doing that.

Q. You've been named by several observers, including Chris Evert and Jo Durie, as a potential winner here. How do you react to that? How many potential winners do you think there are here this fortnight?
JOHANNA KONTA: I think that's a massive compliment. That's the only way I can take that. I'm definitely entered in this event to perform the best that I can. I'm really working incredibly hard to be involved as long as I can.

In terms of potential winners, I mean, technically anyone in the draw is eligible to be crowned here. I think it's been proven time and time again how the strength in women's tennis is getting better and better.

I can't give you an exact number, but I'm definitely looking forward to competing in as many matches as I can.

Q. Serena is not here. Do you think that's a bigger chance for everybody in the field?
JOHANNA KONTA: I mean, I guess Serena's results speak for themselves, how she has been a massively dominant force in our sport. What she has achieved is absolutely incredible. In that sense, her presence is missed.

However, there have been Grand Slam champions alongside her over the last numerous years. In that sense, I think it's important to also give credit to those girls who have also won those slams. We also have a new champion at Roland Garros now.

I think, like I said, everyone who's entered into this event is here to do their best and technically is eligible to win the event. I think a lot of it depends on the day. I think it's been proven that everybody can play at a very high level on any given day.

Q. Could be Vekic next.
JOHANNA KONTA: Am I playing her next?

Q. She's playing now. She's up at the moment.
JOHANNA KONTA: So I guess we'll see who I'll be playing next. If it is her, that's another great opportunity for me to play against someone who the last time I played played a very good match. It's another opportunity for me to try and find a way to come out on top this time. But most importantly, I'm looking forward to having another round here and competing the best that I can in that match.

Q. Would you go back and look at that match again?
JOHANNA KONTA: Quite honestly, I guess she hasn't won yet.

Q. If she wins.
JOHANNA KONTA: If she wins...

I will chat through the match with my coaches when it comes to it.

Q. You sat down in that chair last year talking about the novelty of being in the top 16 locker room. How much better equipped do you feel than a year ago if you do go a long way in this tournament? Do you feel you belong more, that it's no longer a surprise if you're involved at the sharp end of the tournament?
JOHANNA KONTA: I do know which way to turn for the toilets and the showers in the top 16 locker room. I have become better acquainted with the space.

I think, I mean, I definitely would like to be involved in the latter stages of the event. I am very clear on the fact that there will be a lot of tough opponents between now and then, if I get the chance to play so many matches.

It's not realistic for me to look far ahead in terms of what is something that helps me, and that's to stay present very much in the moment, very much into each match at a time.

I'm still going to definitely talk about my match today with my team to see what I can do better in my next round, then again, going to take it one day at a time. Tomorrow I get another chance to recover and prepare.

Q. You sound bunged up. Cold or hayfever or anything?

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