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July 3, 2017

Naomi Broady

Wimbledon, London, England

I. BEGU/N. Broady

6-4, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What went wrong there?
NAOMI BROADY: I think it was a tough match going into the day. I was confident that I could win but I knew that it would be tough.

I think throughout the match, was still thinking to myself, Keep going, you can come back. You know, just keep trying to find the answers as to what wasn't working within my game. Just unfortunately didn't play well enough today.

She's a very solid player, and she's coming in off playing in the finals of her tournament last week, so she's coming in with a lot of confidence.

Yeah, I think it just didn't come together for me today.

Q. Just that streak, kind of the second set where it kind of got away from you?
NAOMI BROADY: Yeah, I think it was a bit up and down. I'd go down 40-Love in a game and get it back with some great points and make a stupid unforced error. The one break point I had in the match I made an unforced error on.

I don't think I got enough free shots off my serves today. I wasn't making enough of them in the first set. And then to try and solve that problem, I was trying to go body a lot and keep the pace up, but then she was able to block them back a bit more.

Yeah, I just wasn't able to find the solutions to get past her.

Q. Was there anything in the extra kind of pressure of playing here or was it just on the court?
NAOMI BROADY: I think you sometimes feel a bit more rushed. You're not able to think maybe quite as clearly as you are in a normal match, because you have obviously got the pressure of it being Wimbledon, and you're a wildcard and I really want to perform. You have been given this great opportunity by the All England Club and you really want to show them you deserve to be here.

I'm sure they know that I have done that, but it's still frustrating to not play my best. That's tennis. You can't get subbed off when you're not having a good day. You've just got to try and play through it. And I did that.

As I said, I didn't find the answers to my game.

Q. Extra pressure because of the wildcard? Do you feel you have to justify it almost?
NAOMI BROADY: With my ranking being just on the border of not being enough ranking anyway, I don't think I felt as much pressure as maybe if I was ranked in the 200s and I was way off, because I know that I have played in main draw here off ranking and in the other Grand Slams before. As I said, I'm only a couple spots off.

In the bigger picture I really wanted to win to get in the US Open main draw. That was my goal for the grass season. I think I'm going to be literally two or three spots off that. I don't know if the tournament after Wimbledon counts or not, but I'm entered in it, so I'll probably go play there in Kazakhstan and try and get the last couple points I need to get up for that.

Q. A positive second half of last year, you broke into the top 100, had a good time at the US Open as well. Where do you feel you're at now?
NAOMI BROADY: Yeah. So I played here last year off ranking, so I didn't need a wildcard last year. But was disappointed with my performance here anyway. It definitely doesn't make it feel any better if you're here off ranking if you don't play well.

Again, my big goal, my focus is on getting back into the top 100. So although it seems like such a bad day to have lost first day of Wimbledon, in the grand scheme of things it's actually more frustrating to not have got into the main draw for US Open.

You know, it's motivating. It makes me go away and work harder. It doesn't make me necessarily upset and lacking the want to go out there and train and give up. That's not my mentality at all. I want to go out there and work harder. I will be out there in the morning training.

Q. Your schedule the next few weeks?
NAOMI BROADY: Well, I have women's doubles here. I don't know if I play tomorrow. I haven't checked the schedule. Does women's doubles start tomorrow? I don't know.

And I'm going to sign up for mixed doubles. I will see with that, as well.

Then I'm entered in a 100,000 in Kazakhstan directly after Wimbledon, the second week of Wimbledon. Then it's over to the U.S. for the hard court season. Possibly some more ITFs mixed in with the WTAs and then potentially qualifiers for US Open if my ranking is not with the main draw.

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