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July 5, 2017

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Wimbledon, London, England

J. TSONGA/S. Bolelli

6-1, 7-5, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How would you describe your match today? Was it good, bad, or just frustrated? You looked angry sometimes.
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: Today it was good because I won (smiling). That's the most important, I think, to win.

Yeah, you know, I think I can play even better. And I have to if I want to go, if I want to do better in this tournament.

Q. You were angry at certain points, especially the second set. You looked angry.
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: Yeah, sometimes, you know, it's like this (smiling). Yeah, I was not enough focused on the game, and I have to. On the next match I will try to be better on this.

Q. There seemed to be an issue of flying ants on the court while you were playing. How did that affect you? Insects, bugs. Was that a big issue for you? What was that like?
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: That was strange (smiling). That was strange. There was flies, flies.

Q. Was it bad? Have you experienced it before?
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: Yeah, had a few experience in United States sometimes. With the light at night sometimes you have big bugs. Or in Australia also you have these kind of things. But that was a little bit different, because those ones was very small but a lot. So it was special sometimes, it was in my nose and in my ear.

Q. Was it very distracting?
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: It's special, I would say.

Q. Sam Querrey next. You had a five-setter with him here a few years ago. Do you think this could be a tougher test than you have faced so far in the tournament?
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: Yeah, Sam is playing well. That's not a new story. He's playing well on this surface. He won a few things on grass. He always been very dangerous on this surface. So for me it's a really serious match.

You know, I hope I will be able to play good tennis and be even more focused than what I did today and don't miss occasion to do the work.

Q. Will you be changing your game at all in advance of the match?
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: Change my game?

Q. Will you be preparing in any different way to face Sam?
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: Anyway, it's going to be different because it's a different player. But, yeah, the most important for me is to improve what I did bad, you know, today, even if my level of tennis was good, but my comportment was not enough good.

So, yeah, I will work on this and try to come with everything, you know, on the next match.

Q. How do you see your chances? Do you think if you play better you will win in the next match? Go on to semis or finals?
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: You know, for the moment, I have a good record against him, but, you know, it doesn't mean anything, because that's the past and I'm looking for the future and the present.

The thing is we are both at the third round, and the most important for me is to win. No matter what, you know, I will come on court and give my best.

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