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July 5, 2017

Fabio Fognini

Wimbledon, London, England

F. FOGNINI/J. Vesely

7-6, 6-4, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Do you think that's the best you've played at Wimbledon?
FABIO FOGNINI: Could be, yeah, I think so (smiling).

Q. Talk about the match a bit then.
FABIO FOGNINI: If you ask me about the match, I talking about the match. If you ask me what I think, I answer you (smiling).

Of course, I mean, I am happy. Happy, for sure, in my performance because I was knowing before it was really tough match since the beginning. Last year he play second week here in Wimbledon. He's lefty, really good serve, so it's never easy to play against that player.

But I think for sure, if not the best, is one of the best. In the top three on grass.

Happy because I have another chance to play a great player like Andy in next round, I think in the Centre Court. So could be nice.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about the matchup with Andy. You've had some good success against him in the past.
FABIO FOGNINI: I mean, the last one was Rome. I remember well, and he also remember well.

But, of course, they ask me already. If I have to be honest, I think it's completely different play here. I mean, I play home, so I play really good match. I was 6-2, 5-1 up. Other hand I won 6-4. I played a really good match on the night.

Here it's completely different. Of course, it's Wimbledon. It's home for him. Is best-of-five. Something can change. Of course, he's the defending champion. So it's going to be really tough, for sure. He's the favorite. Nothing to say.

But I think I have the game to play against him, hopefully to play my best tennis another time, try to complicate his life on court. If I have the chance, of course to get it.

Q. You seem to enjoy these kind of environments.
FABIO FOGNINI: Yeah, for sure. Is going to be really nice. Of course, you play on the Centre Court, I mean, with big crowd, one of the best center court if not the best center court in the world. I think is going to be good match.

Of course, I would like to try to do my best like this today. Of course, if I play like that, could be interesting.

If I have to be honest, of course, he's the favorite, I repeat you. Nothing changes my life. I know my game. I know how to play against him. We know each other really well. I'm ready. Hope to be ready (smiling).

Q. Do you think you'll be able to use similar tactics to how you did in Rome?
FABIO FOGNINI: I can't tell you now. I can't tell you (winking).

Q. How is fatherhood? Do you think it has an effect on your tennis?
FABIO FOGNINI: Well, I don't know. You have to say. I mean, at the moment I'm really happy, happy because my family is well, they're rightly. Baby is good. I'm good, too. I'm feeling really good. Nothing else to say.

We are really happy, enjoy when I went home these three weeks before coming here, and enjoy another time when I finish here before going to the clay court, three tournaments on clay.

Q. The baby is back home?
FABIO FOGNINI: The baby and Flavia are in Milan because she's working for Sky Sport these two weeks in Milan. When I finish here, of course I go in Italy. My grandmother, she have to know already Federico. She can't fly to Barcelona. She's old, she's 85 years old. So we go home. We go in San Remo. We try to enjoy five, four days, then I start again on the clay.

Q. Have you spoken to any of the other fathers on the tour about being a dad?
FABIO FOGNINI: No. I mean, I know Andy or Nole because we all the same age. So we know each other really, really well.

But, you know, he's doing his life. When I home, I do my life, so... Nothing else.

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