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July 5, 2017

Simona Halep

Wimbledon, London, England

S. HALEP/B. Haddad Maia

7-5, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. I know winning a Grand Slam probably is the one thing that would mean the most for you. Here you also have the chance to get the world No. 1, which you haven't been before. What would this mean for you?
SIMONA HALEP: Well, I'm really far now, if we see the situations of being No. 1 in the world. I'm not thinking about that. I had some chances also in the final in French Open, but I didn't get it.

I'm not thinking any more of that. I just want to win every match I play here and we will see in the end what is going to happen.

Of course, it's a nice goal for me to get the No. 1, but it's not easy.

Q. The temperature on the court dropped really fast.
SIMONA HALEP: I didn't feel it.

Q. This is something that happens all the time, but do you notice it?
SIMONA HALEP: No. I didn't feel. I just was focused on the game.

Q. How did you feel about her game?
SIMONA HALEP: Really strong. She's moving well. She doesn't have a weakness that much. Both shots are pretty strong, and also the serve. She came to the net.

I think was a good level of tennis. She was very, very, like, powerful. Also I had to stay very low and to push her very back, and to cut her time to set and hit the ball because she's pretty difficult, pretty difficult opponent.

Q. She's tall, very strong.
SIMONA HALEP: Very tall.

Q. Seems like she's all power. I talked to her. She said she's actually more of a counter-puncher. She watches videos of you to figure out how to use that aspect of the game. Did you see any of that at all?
SIMONA HALEP: Yeah, I saw sometimes that she was hitting softer and tried to get angles. On grass is not easy. When I push her back, was not easy for her.

But, yeah, when I say that she's powerful, she also think the game, in my opinion. She's a great player, in my opinion. She's young. So she's going to have good future.

Q. When players come out like that, she jumped out and played very well early, that happens a lot against top players, but they can't hold it, are you better at not panicking when that happens?
SIMONA HALEP: I wasn't not panicking today. I just was waiting to start to feel the rhythm because I knew she's hitting strong before the match. I knew that I have just to push back her and to give some balls back, like many, to feel the rhythm, to feel her power. Then was much easier to open the court, to hit stronger and to stay very low.

I think was a very good match. Every moment was important during this match. I felt that she's also good mentally. So I had to stay there and to stay calm.

Q. You probably won't want to think too much about this match, but going back to the French Open final, I don't know if you have watched it again. Would you now in some situations play something different? Would you try something different than you did?
SIMONA HALEP: I watched. I watched the final after few days home. Of course I would change something if I have to repeat the match, that final. To be more aggressive when I was leading.

But to be honest, I'm not thinking any more of that match because I was suffering about that result. But now is past. It's already gone.

I'm here. I'm just trying to make another chance, to go to the end of the tournament. But as I said many times, here is really tough. Every match is tough, and you never know what is going to happen.

But I'm here to give my best every day.

Q. Is there anything you're doing here outside of the courts to give yourself a routine?
SIMONA HALEP: It's first time when I stay here in the village. I have a house, very nice house. I'm just chilling. Yesterday I stay, like, six hours in the house, just staying.

I don't want to go to do shopping because it's very far, and traffic, it's really hard. So I'm not doing anything special, just chilling, trying to enjoy this new experience to stay in the house. And I will repeat it. It's very nice.

Q. Some players say they need to do something to keep their mind active off the court. Other players don't want to think about anything when they're off the court. Six hours in a house, what is Simona Halep doing?
SIMONA HALEP: Well, I'm okay. I was fine with myself. I don't need to keep my mind busy. I just like to stay not thinking of anything, just staying like that and enjoying the time. It's not easy when you play matches here. On grass, you feel a little bit tired after. It's always nice to have some hours to rest.

Chilling with my team, having fun, walking a little bit around the house, but nothing special. I'm okay with myself. I'm not getting bored.

Q. Do you have any favorite desserts in Wimbledon?
SIMONA HALEP: I had some, can I say it, bread with Nutella in the morning. This is my dessert for this tournament.

Q. Dessert for breakfast?
SIMONA HALEP: Yes. But just in the off days, not when I play.

Q. Is that your rule or Darren's rule?

Q. Next with Peng Shuai. Very dangerous.
SIMONA HALEP: Yes, very dangerous and very solid. She's hitting with two hands both sides. I think I have to stay low again. I didn't watch much how she's playing on grass, but I know that she's pretty strong opponent.

I have to do the same like today, to keep my plan, to do my game, and to try to push and to be aggressive as much as I can.

Q. Did you feel more comfortable today on grass?
SIMONA HALEP: Yeah. I feel that I started to have the good feeling. I feel the balls even when they jump wrong. I'm on it. I started to enjoy. I'm more relaxed now when I play.

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