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September 1, 1995

Pete Sampras


RICHARD EVANS: Good evening, good morning.

PETE SAMPRAS: Good evening, Mr. Media man. Bud still thinks I am boring. Can you believe that?

Q. No, really?

PETE SAMPRAS: So disappointed.

Q. Who?

PETE SAMPRAS: Bud. Someone on this news sports show, he says that I am still boring, so I don't know. It is going to stick with me forever.

Q. Winning isn't boring.

PETE SAMPRAS: That is what I say.

RICHARD EVANS: Just wear a pair of his pants, that will fix him.

Q. How much was last year's match a factor tonight?

PETE SAMPRAS: Once I saw the draw and the possibilities of playing Andre-- I mean, I am thinking Andre -- playing Jaime - sounds the same - I was really looking forward to it if he won his match and I won and we were going to do a little battle, because what happened last year really didn't sit well with me. I was disappointed. I wasn't in shape. I was unprepared. And tonight, I was really pumped up. The adrenaline was really sinking in and it is just a matter of me just staying aggressive and not hitting any loose errors. Served pretty well. Once I am serving well, my whole game just carries on behind it. This is a match I was looking forward to once I saw the draw, to get a little revenge.

BUD COLLINS: You are even with him now.

PETE SAMPRAS: You are right, 2 and 2. Want me to comment on that?

BUD COLLINS: I just thought you'd like to know.

RICHARD EVANS: An observation.

Q. He was saying that it wasn't something he will always remember, but it wasn't a factor tonight. Obviously, it was always on your mind. Seemed like you were delivering a message to him right from the start.

PETE SAMPRAS: Talking about last year's match?

Q. He said something he will never forget, but didn't carry-over; obviously, it did with you.

PETE SAMPRAS: I certainly thought about it. I mean, you never forget a loss like that; especially at a major tournament. I was ready to go. I mean, from the first point on, I mean, I got off to a great start and kind of set the tone for the match and had a couple of little hiccoughs in the second, but the second set was really the match. Once I got that, I just kind of went from there, but, you know, I was ready to go tonight.

Q. Andre had a great summer and then didn't look at his best against Corretja. You didn't win tournaments in the summer, but do you feel you are sort of on an upward path now; whereas, Andre might have peaked too soon; is that maybe being too optimistic?

PETE SAMPRAS: I am not -- it is not that complicated. Each day you wake up you want to play great tennis and he has had a great summer. He didn't play quite the tennis he normally plays yesterday, but bottom line is that he won. That is the making of a champion when you are not playing well to find a way to win; that is what he did. But, you know, basically at this point, you put the summer behind you and, you know, it is in the history books and now we are at the U.S. Open, so it is pretty much crunch time for me because the summer wasn't great, so I definitely would like to get another major title for this year.

Q. Did it matter to you just beating him or was there something to how you wanted to beat him? Did you want to lift your game to the level that you lifted tonight or did you want to make him not look back -- it sound too much, but I mean, were you looking to really put on a superb --

PETE SAMPRAS: I am always looking to play a superb match and today was pretty close, but it wasn't like I was trying to send any messages. Bottom line is to try to win, but I'd much rather within in straight sets than 6-4 in the fifth. When I feel like if I am serving well and hitting on all cylinders, I am very tough to beat. I get that confidence out there and I think I can hit any shot I want.

Q. Feel like you are playing well enough to beat Andre?

PETE SAMPRAS: It is hard to say, I mean, Andre is in a whole new level than Jaime Yzaga, for sure. Just a better player. Jaime, he definitely gave me some chances to play and he missed some shots, but you know, it is hard to say, I mean, I feel like I am playing well. I am healthy and I feel like I am not having any aches or pains, so if it happens, and I get to the final play Andre, I will certainly hope I am ready.

Q. Does this kind of match carry-over or are they all kind of an individual entity to you? You say you wake up everyday --

PETE SAMPRAS: Every match is a completely different match. I play Philippoussis whose got a huge game huge serve. He is -- it's going to be completely different than playing Jaime. I mean, it is going to be a lot of quick points, serve and volley points, so I don't think any real match carries over to the next; I don't buy that. I think you wake up everyday; you feel like you hopefully -- I remember what Fred Perry said before you go out and play: "I'd hate to be playing me today." I never forgot that comment he made. Sometimes I feel that way.

Q. Was today one of those days?

PETE SAMPRAS: Today was pretty good. I mean, I was happy. I was happy the way I played.

Q. Do you think your next match is going to bring the Greek community out?

PETE SAMPRAS: I don't know. I haven't heard too many Greeks here.

BUD COLLINS: The Greek champs of the world.

PETE SAMPRAS: Bud, just go back. Bud just go back.

Q. Do you know him at all, Pete?

PETE SAMPRAS: Not much. I don't know him that well.

SALLY JENKINS: Haven't talked any Greek together?

PETE SAMPRAS: No. Nothing there. Sorry.

SALLY JENKINS: Got to try.

PETE SAMPRAS: That is right.....Search.....

End of FastScripts...

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