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July 6, 2017

Timea Bacsinszky

Wimbledon, London, England


6-1, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. We have to ask about Radwanska, your next opponent. You played twice, but not on the grass. Does it matter?
TIMEA BACSINSZKY: It's definitely going to be a totally different match than the last two we played. Even though the first one we played was in Zielona Gora. It was quite a fast surface. It was very fast, faster than grass. But the bounce was pretty low, as well.

Then the second time was in Miami, where the bounce of the ball is pretty high. Temperature-wise, it was hotter, as well, than in April in Zielona Gora. But we were in a stadium, so it was fine.

Well, it's going to be definitely different because of the conditions. But anyway, I expect a tough match. She has been playing very well on grass for her whole career. I mean, it's probably one of her favorite surface, I mean, her favorite surface.

Mine is definitely clay. But I'm very happy to play on grass, too. I think I improved a lot in the last three years on grass. So it's going to be definitely an interesting match. I'm looking forward. It's a nice challenge for me.

Q. Today you played around an hour. She played 2 hours 43. Do you expect her to be on Saturday much more tired than you?
TIMEA BACSINSZKY: Than me, no. No, no. Well, she has a day off. She has a day off tomorrow and she's a professional player for ages. I think she knows how to handle to play 50 minutes or to play two hours or three hours. I think she is one of the fittest player. So am I. But I know that I'm counting on her to be 100%.

I know she's going to be ready. Maybe even the fact that she had to save two matchpoints today, this little scare sometimes can kind of power you up for the next round. So I know she's going to be more than ready to play against me.

Q. Radwanska is the toughest opponent on grass. What will be your biggest weapon against her? What do you have to do to play good against her?
TIMEA BACSINSZKY: Yeah, sure, you can ask another question obviously (laughter). Well, it's not my first press conference.

I have many things in mind. But I will enjoy my victory of today. I will quietly think about what I have to do tomorrow. Definitely I'm not going to tell you right now, but good try. At least you gave a try.

Q. Do you have any favorite court here in Wimbledon?
TIMEA BACSINSZKY: I mean, I played many times on Court 18 in the past few years. It was my first time on Court 12. I played on 2, 3, 1, never on Centre. Probably all the courts around.

This year, as I said earlier to the TVs, kind of pretty disappointed about the quality of the grass of this year. Especially on Court 18, as I played two days ago, I'm not saying it's dangerous or something, but it was the second day of the tournament, and it was already ruined. Usually you see that after a week. I don't know what happened there. I don't know what happened on the other courts, too.

Probably a lot of players have been saying that. I'm not the only one. That's why I take the risk to say it. Sorry, Wimbledon, it's not against you, but there are improvements to do on this thing.

I don't know what happened. Maybe the weather. I don't know exactly. But I'm curious to see how they're going to handle the quality of the grass for the next few days, especially with so many matches that need to be played in the next few days and week.

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