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July 7, 2017

Benoit Paire

Wimbledon, London, England

B. PAIRE/J. Janowicz

6-2, 7-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. A great match. What do you think about your performance today? You played today lots of dropshots, lots of baseline shots. You mixed your game really well.
BENOIT PAIRE: Yeah, today was a good match. I think the match against Herbert, second match, was a good one, too. Today was better. I was serving well.

Only at the beginning of the match I was a little nervous, and I saved some break points. It was an important moment because after I was feeling a little bit less pressure, and it was better.

I broke him in the fifth game, so it was important for me to work him because I knew I could do something good. Yeah, I did some very good dropshots at the good moment to save a set point in the second set, to save some break points in the third. I'm very happy about my game today.

Jerzy is tough to play against this player because he serve good, is very aggressive. So is never easy to play against him. I'm very happy to win in three sets.

Q. The points go really fast. Do you think the serves today was the most important part of your game?
BENOIT PAIRE: Yeah, today I think the serve was very important, because when you see the first game I was not serving well, and I was making a lot of second serve. And against this guy is never easy because he's aggressive and he full power on second serve.

It was very important to put a lot of first serve. That's what I did today so I am really happy.

For him, yeah, I was arriving to see a little bit his serve so I could return every time. And I knew it was the key for the match.

Q. Janowicz was a really energetic guy on the field. You were really calm. Do you think that was one of the deciding points that you were able to have such a great result against Janowicz?
BENOIT PAIRE: Yeah, yeah, of course. Yeah, yeah, I was calm. So for me I was focused about my game. I just wanted to win the match. Of course, at the beginning with the pressure I was a little bit nervous. When I won my first game, it was better after.

But I think, yeah, the key was to stay focused in the match, to stay all the time on my serve. If I have some opportunities to break him, and if I don't do it, like in the third set, don't be pissed. Just stay and you have some chances to win the match.

So that's what I did, and to win in three sets against Janowicz is a good performance.

Q. There were some criticisms of the surface on Court 18. How did you find the conditions?
BENOIT PAIRE: Yeah, it's slippery. I prefer to ask in French. It's a little bit different, the Court 18. Maybe on some points, but I think it's the same for both players. It's only on four or five points or sometimes you slip. You slip?

But I think during the match the court was not so bad. It's like every grass court was. I think sometimes it's a little bit slippy, but I try to stay focused and it's the same conditions for both. We have to play in these conditions. We have to fight. We have to play, like me I played some dropshots because I know it was slippy, and I wanted to try something else.

So I think you have to play with the condition and maybe on Court 18 it's different, but not too much.

Q. Fourth round your best performance here in Wimbledon?

Q. Do you feel like you are playing your best tennis in the whole career or not?
BENOIT PAIRE: Yeah, I think I play for sure my best tennis. I think mentally I'm different this year. I want to play full all the match. I want to stay focused during all the match. That's the difference before. Sometimes I was nervous if I was missing the serve, I was missing the dropshot. Every time I was pissed.

I remember I play on the same court in 2013 I think against Kubot, and I was so nervous and I broke all my racquets.

So I think that's the big difference between 2013 and now. It's now I stay focused and I stay calm. For me, it's good. For sure, I'm really happy to be in the second week in Wimbledon.

Q. Will you go and watch Andy Murray's match now?
BENOIT PAIRE: No. No, I'm not gonna watch. I'm going to stay with my family, with my friends. Yeah, I want to go back home. I rent a house not far from the club, so I'm going to make a barbecue with my friend, with Roger-Vasselin, but I don't go to watch.

Q. Would you prefer to play Murray or rather avoid him?
BENOIT PAIRE: Honestly it's good to play Murray here. I think it's something different to play Murray in Wimbledon. Maybe on Centre Court. I don't know if sometimes he play on Court 1 but normally it's on Centre. Sometimes he can play?

Q. Last year he didn't.
BENOIT PAIRE: He didn't play last year? Maybe this year will be the same. So I hope so, because to play Murray on Centre Court will be a good experience. I think I can do something good against him. I played against Murray in Monte-Carlo two years before, and it was one set and two breaks for me, and I lost the match in three sets.

I think my game is good. I can do something good against him, and I will see. If I play Murray, I'm going to be happy.

Q. One more sentence about Janowicz. Can you explain how important for your confidence was that match in Stuttgart?
BENOIT PAIRE: Yeah, I think when you win the last match on the same surface two weeks before, for sure, for the confidence is good. I won 6-1, 7-6. So for the confidence, when I arrive on court, I was a little bit nervous, but for the confidence it's good.

And I think Janowicz is a good player. He play good. Really happy. He come back because he was injured, so it's never easy to come back after injury.

But honestly, with him, he's a good guy. I don't have any problem with him. I'm really happy he's back on tour.

Q. Andy, you only played him once. Did you know him when Amélie Mauresmo was his coach?
BENOIT PAIRE: Not too much. I don't know him too much. Just like all the other players, but I can say I'm fine with him. I know him. We are on the tour together. I don't know him very much.

Q. How well do you think he's playing? Obviously there has been a hip issue, a sore hip.
BENOIT PAIRE: I know, but when you look at the score during the first two rounds, I think it's okay. He feel good. He didn't lose too many games, so I think it's okay for him.

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