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July 7, 2017

Naomi Osaka

Wimbledon, London, England


7-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. I asked Venus what advice she would give to you about your game. She said nothing, you're good already. What do you think you need to improve on, to work on?
NAOMI OSAKA: Did she really say that?

Q. Yes. That's exactly what she said.
NAOMI OSAKA: Oh, cool.

Well, game-wise I feel like I'm, like, as good as anyone else. But I just feel like maybe mentality-wise there's certain things to do in certain situations that I'm not that aware of.

But, like, just stroke-wise, I feel like it's fine, if that makes sense.

Q. Technically you're okay?
NAOMI OSAKA: If it's 30-40 or something, then there's something she would do differently than what I would do.

Q. So you learned something today?
NAOMI OSAKA: Yeah. Okay.

Q. How do you feel you did today?
NAOMI OSAKA: Well, I'm always kind of hard on myself. Like, the first thing I thought was, like, not something good. But, like, my coach actually said that the match was pretty good. So then it sort of took that for me to sort of analyze how I played more.

I mean, I feel like she was just serving really well. There was a point where I was serving really well, but she broke me first. That's sort of what decided the match, I think.

Q. How many positives did you satisfy today?
NAOMI OSAKA: Well, I mean, I sort of -- like, this is sort of a dream of mine, to play her. I can check that off my list. I actually feel like it's better that she beat me because I can learn more from her, and there's something more I can look forward to. There's more of a goal for me to practice every day and stuff.

Yeah, what was your question? I don't know why I do this every time.

Q. How many positives did you satisfy today?
NAOMI OSAKA: Well, I think my serve was pretty good today, and my service return, too, even though her serve was really good, so I didn't really have a chance to do that well on it.

Then I didn't get that upset, which is something I've been working on, so... Cool.

Q. You've talked before about the Williams sisters, Serena as well, being players you looked up to or role models. What was it like to be up against somebody who you have that kind of opinion about?
NAOMI OSAKA: Of course, it's true. Like, I think I started tennis because of them. Like, going into the match, I try not to think of her that much of how I normally do. Like, I try to think of her as a normal opponent so that I don't, like, hold her on that high of a pedestal. So that would make me too nervous, I think, to play her.

But yeah, I just try to, like, think of her as a normal person, so...

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