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July 11, 2017

Adrian Mannarino

Wimbledon, London, England

N. DJOKOVIC/A. Mannarino

6-2, 7-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You seemed to be struggling a bit with a back injury early on. Was that a problem for you?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: Yeah, I've been struggling during like a set and a half in the beginning. Something that happened in the third game, I think. I just felt something wrong in my back. Was not easy to serve 100%.

But after a set and a half, I was feeling much better. I could play full, so...

That was okay.

Q. Not this match but your previous match, you had an incident with a ballboy. There's been footage today on social media, Rafael Nadal summoning a ballboy to put some litter in a bin. Do you think the way players treat ballboys is right now? Are they to act as servants to the players or should they just be collecting balls?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: Do you think I'm not behaving well with the ballboys?

Q. I'm wondering what your opinion is.
ADRIAN MANNARINO: I think I'm behaving well. Something wrong happened during the second match, but it was not on purpose. I mean, I didn't saw the ballboy, the ballboy didn't see me, so...

I think everyone made such a big deal out of nothing. I think that every player are treating the ballboys as good as they can. I never had any problem with any ballboys before. I'm always trying to be nice with them, so...

I think I don't have to speak more about that.

Q. How frustrating was it not being able to get on court yesterday? Do you think you should have been moved to Centre Court last night?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: Well, I think there were lot of issues, especially with the security and everything. I was not controlling anything, you know. We've been moved to the Centre Court basically, but we had to wait I think the end of the match of Rafa.

Yeah, it was a long day. Was not easy to handle everything because, I mean, when Muller won the second set, I was ready to go on court already. Then we've been waiting a lot.

Mentally it's quite exhausting. But, you know, we've been playing on the Centre Court today. Was really nice, so... Everything went well, not the result. But was okay.

Q. Novak was complaining about the quality of the court, particularly one area. What did you make of it?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: I think that the Centre Court is completely different than the other court I've been playing on. I mean, the court was not really destroyed as the other one were. I was feeling like I was sliding, you know, on the previous match. Today the grip of the grass was pretty good.

I mean, I was a little bit -- to me, it was quite strange in the beginning of the match because I felt like I was running in a different way. I was watching out my step all the time when I had to slow down.

You know, it's just something that I had to get used to. But after I think like five games, I was okay. I think that the conditions this year were, like, quite different than the other years. It was pretty hot during the first week. So I think that it's not easy for the courts, as well.

Yeah, to me the Centre Court were really good actually. Maybe he was complaining a little bit. But, you know, compared to the other court I've been playing on before, it was good.

Q. You had several long rallies, 29 shots, a couple that hit 20. With Djokovic on this surface, were you content to try to wait those out? You started to attack the net a little bit more. Was that part of an answer to find an answer for those long rallies?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: You know, after I started the match, I was trying to play really consistent. I was maybe trying too bad. You know, I think that after a while, I realized that playing full power was useless against Novak because he was responding well. He was moving well. When I've tried to slow the game down, I think that I was feeling more comfortable.

He was starting to make couple of mistakes. So, yeah, that was part of my strategy. But then, you know, it's never easy against Novak. Even if you feel like you get kind of an answer to give him, so...

Yeah, it was tough in the game. All the shot selection are pretty hard to do against Novak. It's never easy.

Q. I wanted to ask you about Sam Querrey, who Andy Murray plays tomorrow. You've beaten him both times you played him. What do you think Andy has to do to win that match?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: Well, I think that me and Andy are completely different player. I'm lefty, he's righty. I don't think that Andy needs my advice to win tomorrow really. I don't know. I can't answer you now.

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