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July 14, 2017

Sam Querrey

Wimbledon, London, England

M. CILIC/S. Querrey

6-7, 6-4, 7-6, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How do you think you'll look back on this semifinal and on your tournament?
SAM QUERREY: It's been a fun run. You know, it's given me some confidence, not only this year, but last year, and in Acapulco earlier this year. I feel like I've really had some ups over the last year, and hopefully there are more of those to come as I get a little bit older.

Q. What do you think the difference was in this match?
SAM QUERREY: You know, Marin is just really good. I mean, he's tough on both sides. You know, I kind of felt like he pushed me around a little bit today.

I had that break in the fourth. When he broke me back, he just played a great game. You know, kind of deflated me a little bit.

But he just does everything really well.

Q. You played three consecutive five-setters before this match. How much was fatigue a factor in this match today mentally and physically maybe, or not at all?
SAM QUERREY: Honestly, not too much. I mean, the five-setters weren't that long. On grass, the points aren't very long. It's not as physically demanding on your body as it is on the clay courts or the hard courts. I felt fine today.

Q. Do you think this was the best Cilic has played against you?
SAM QUERREY: I do, yeah. He didn't seem to have many holes. I played him a handful of times before. Lost a bunch. But he did seem to play at a really high level today.

Q. What was the experience of a Wimbledon semifinal like? Were you more nervous this morning? Were you excited?
SAM QUERREY: No, I was actually more nervous against Andy in the quarterfinals. Today I felt pretty good. The first set, you know, we traded holds early. That really settles me. That settles anyone, when you can kind of get out there and win your first few service games. So I felt fine.

Q. With this and recent other successes, do you feel like your arc is getting to the point where you're going to be in finals, playing for titles in majors?
SAM QUERREY: Yeah, I mean, before I go titles of majors, some baby steps before that. I do feel I can. I feel if I play well, my level is at a high enough point where I can beat those top guys.

Like I said, last year, this year, and Acapulco, to have those three moments where I really feel like I played well and beat a lot of good players, hopefully there's more moments like that to come.

Q. Your best slam performances have come at Wimbledon. What do you think you need to do to have better performances at the other Grand Slams?
SAM QUERREY: Gosh, I don't know. You know, really just commit to the style of play and be a little more aggressive, I think. I think in the past maybe I haven't done that. I seem to commit to that a little better here on the grass. I think if I just do that at the other slams, I think it will be a little bit better.

Q. Do you get a lot of texts, emails, anything from people you knew back in southern Cal?
SAM QUERREY: Yeah, I mean, a bunch. All my friends and family, everyone's watched me for 10 years. You know, it was fun for them to watch today kind of in my biggest match.

Q. Almost everybody at the top has a super coach in name. Craig is not one of those. How would you describe him as a coach? How important is he for you?
SAM QUERREY: I mean, I'd describe him as a super coach (smiling).

I mean, he's really passionate. He doesn't coach just me. He coaches Steve Johnson, as well. He's just a really passionate guy. He knows his stuff. Even though he coaches two guys, he coaches us in a completely different way.

He's very good about, you know, keeping me committed to my game style and making me relaxed. He does an incredible job, and has for the last almost two years that I've worked with him.

Q. Early in this tournament, Marin said that winning the US Open answered a lot of questions for himself. What did this run to the semifinals do to answer questions you had about yourself?
SAM QUERREY: Nothing really. I didn't really have any questions about myself going in. I knew I was a good tennis player. I felt like I had this in me. To do this has been fun. Hopefully I can do more of it.

But I didn't have any looming questions out there about my game or anything like that.

Q. Two things about athletes from your home state. I understood that you hung out a little bit with the great Draymond Green recently. What was that like? Secondly, Claire Liu is the junior from your hometown that's going for the title. Do you know her? What is so great about Thousand Oaks tennis?
SAM QUERREY: I know Claire Liu well. We're both from Thousand Oaks. And she practices down in Carson a lot. I probably see her 50 times a year, so I'm stoked for her. She's really good. Hopefully she can take a title tomorrow.

Draymond was cool yesterday. I met him for five minutes. But I'm a Lakers fan, so I'm not going to be too nice to the guy.

Q. Because of the Lakers?
SAM QUERREY: Yeah, like the Lakers.

Q. In the commentary, there was quite a lot of assumption that you would be mentally and physically too tired to see the match through. Does that frustrate you that people would make an assumption about how you would cope through a tournament?
SAM QUERREY: No. I mean, I didn't know that. It was never on my mind. Like I said earlier, I felt fine. I felt like I played well today.

Q. Lonzo Ball, excited about him?
SAM QUERREY: Super excited about Lonzo. He looks good in the summer league. Hopefully he'll keep it up.

Q. How would you rate Cilic's chances in the final?
SAM QUERREY: You know, I don't know what the score is out there right now.

Q. 4-2, Roger.
SAM QUERREY: Roger seems to be playing at a level that's as good as he ever played. Marin is going to have his hands full.

If he plays well and plays big, I mean, he can give anyone trouble. If he plays Roger, Roger's probably the favorite in that one obviously. But Marin can give him some trouble.

Q. Quarters here last year. Semis this year. What about next year?
SAM QUERREY: Pencil me in for a final, and hopefully that will happen (smiling). We'll see.

Q. Where do you go from here?
SAM QUERREY: I'm going home. Then my next tournament is in Cabo San Lucas.

Q. Best thing Abby has told you about tennis has been what?
SAM QUERREY: The best thing she's told me about tennis?

Q. Yes. About how to help your game.
SAM QUERREY: I can't even think of anything specific, honestly. She's just really supportive. That's nice.

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