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July 15, 2017

Lukasz Kubot

Marcelo Melo

Wimbledon, London, England


5-7, 7-5, 7-6, 3-6, 13-11

THE MODERATOR: I'd like to introduce our gentlemen's doubles champions.

Q. Marcelo, what was the key to that victory?
MARCELO MELO: I think the key was to keep from one part of the match mentally strong, especially after we stopped to close the roof. I think you need to be really prepared to be ready to come back and fight how we did.

Even we missed those two match points before, we could still fighting. We did not block or did not just lost the match.

So was really good, I think, the mental battle for us today. I think the last three matches we did best-of-five here was really helpful for us. I told Lukasz, Is just another one, we got through three already, so we are ready to go through another one.

Q. The biggest victory of your career?
MARCELO MELO: For sure. Here at Wimbledon, everybody, especially Brazilians, know how much I want to win this tournament. The year I won French Open, I said my focus was to win here.

Of course, French Open is a very special tournament, special for us Brazilians because of Guga. But I have to say Wimbledon is Wimbledon, the tournament I dream about since I was young. I said many times this year my main focus was to play the best here. I did all the preparations to play the best here. I'm really glad to be able to do it.

Q. What happened when you came off court for the roof? Did you go to the locker room?
MARCELO MELO: Yeah, when we stopped, we know we have to be strong at this moment. I mean, all the experience you have through the years, I played the final here before, I know I have to manage this if you want to succeed and be a Grand Slam champion.

When I went out the court, I just went toilet. I was moving myself inside of the small locker room we have right outside the court. Try to keep the body warm, because I knew we would start serving.

This is a tricky situation, who normally is going to serve feels like this is going to be bad for me, the guy returning thinks that's our time.

In the opposite way, I want to show them I really prepared to come back. I mean, I said Lukasz before the match, Man, I did everything on my life to be here in this court. I want to enjoy as much as I can. I did once, but now I want to win, and I could do it.

I said after we closed the roof was perfect for us, especially to broke him Love-40. The energy was so high. Atmosphere on court was unbelievable. No words to describe.

Q. Can you say a couple of words about the man sitting beside you.
MARCELO MELO: Lukasz, I mean, it's amazing how we can be so succeed. As I say, we are different in many things. I think the key is to find the balance. Lukasz, we have a really good shot after first match in 's-Hertogenbosch. We start the preparation for Wimbledon.

After the match, I told him, I going to be the guy who is going to be solid, you going to be the guy who is going to win matches. He aggressive, more aggressive than me. I was always trying to be solid, give him the chance to finish, like he did today.

I mean, everybody knows his level. He won Australian Open, as well. First time we played, we won Vienna. Second time we won Vienna again.

This year so far we have pretty good year, when I become No. 1. The first time 2015 was with him. I came back No. 1 with him. You guys can know how much he gives me to achieve I did.

Q. Olie said the key was the Love-40 game when Lukasz was serving. He said, Only if I could get the racquet on one of those balls.
MARCELO MELO: This is the key to win this tournament. We won three matches best-of-five going out from situations pretty similar. Of course, final is different.

As I said, after we had two match points, Lukasz serving Love-40, you can see how strong he is. I did nothing. He just served, and I finish the ball easy.

I know he knows how strong he is, how strong he can be. Everybody saw it today. You agree?

LUKASZ KUBOT: (No response.)

Q. First match on Centre Court, did you give him any advice?
MARCELO MELO: Before the match, we did the chat to what we going to do. In the end I told him, Man, we do everything to be here. That's no reason to be nervous. We have to go there, enjoy, try to play our best tennis because we want to be here. Why we going to think, I'm afraid to go there, this and that.

I think we could enjoy way more than we needed.

Q. Could you compare this match to the previous one in your career.
MARCELO MELO: I had one year here 28-26, was pretty tough as well. Was not mentally strong like today. I mean, today I think only the players can imagine, know how strong you have to be. Sometimes you have once in your life when you are lucky to win this tournament. I was having my second chance. Lukasz, was his first final here.

We had a match point. It's like we have to put ourself down, calm down, believe in yourself. Lukasz saying, I believe in you. I'm telling him the same way.

For sure was the toughest match in all circumstances, like to play. Big achievement for us. Tough moments going in and out, saving breakpoints. So I think we going to take a lot of time to sleep today.

Q. You mentioned both of you are so different. Who is the boss?
MARCELO MELO: 50/50 I would say. I am the boss in some things, he is the boss in another some things. When we start play really good since Indian Wells, we could find the balance.

So I'm the boss sometimes, he's the boss sometimes. Now we know which position 50/50.

Q. Who will be the boss during the party?
MARCELO MELO: Me. Don't worry.

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