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July 16, 2017

Mi Jung Hur

Bedminster, New Jersey

Q. 4-under par on the day, 7-under for the tournament. How do you feel?
MI JUNG HUR: I feel definitely great right now because this is my best finish in the U.S. Women's Open, and I had a great round today.

Q. It's your second best finish at a major ever. How does that feel?
MI JUNG HUR: It feels great. I mean, I think my best finish was not even Top-10 with my career with the major. So I just think about just keeping the Top-10 finish today and playing really safe. And if I had wedge in my hand, I just go for the pin, flag, and it works really good.

Q. Was that the kind of day where you had to play safe rather than charge the course?
MI JUNG HUR: Yes, especially this course because when you miss the green, the ball just roll somewhere really bad spot. You cannot go there and I just try to keep on the green, my ball and hit two putts every hole. It works.

Q. What do you think was working best for you today? Was it in the wedges in your hand?
MI JUNG HUR: I think pretty much the iron shot. I think I didn't miss any. I think I missed two greens today, three greens today. It wasn't that bad and I can save the par easily. And yeah, I think iron was my lucky clubs today.

Q. Right now, looking the top of the leaderboard is filled with South Koreans. How come?
MI JUNG HUR: I don't know. There is so many great players in this world and especially in South Korea, and we are really proud to play golf as a South Korean. And everybody playing so good and everybody playing great. That makes us to competing each other and practice harder and harder.

Q. How did the golf course compare today to the previous rounds? Was it harder or about the same?
MI JUNG HUR: I think it was about the same. A few holes has a really tough pin position and a few holes you can go for the flag. I think it was pretty same as yesterday.

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