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July 15, 2017

Andrew Dodt

Ayrshire, Scotland

Q. How would you describe a 71 in those conditions?
ANDREW DODT: Felt like 67. It was holding your hat sort of stuff out there. Particularly through the turn. When we got to the 10th, probably through the 14th, 15th, it started raining and it just got so difficult. Hit a couple of loose shots and probably got a little bit of luck along the way, which you need on a day like this. But didn't have my best today. Just played the game very well.

Q. I read a quote from you that said you like it tough because it keeps you out of your own way. Can you elaborate on that?
ANDREW DODT: Yeah, I probably get a bit technical at times with my swing, and out here, you can't get technical at all about where I want to hit it, what flight do I hit, where do I want to land it on the green. Yeah, gets me out of my way and frees me up.

Q. Tomorrow could be a huge day for you, obviously a massive tournament to be won here. You've won twice before, but not of this stature. It would get you in The Open, a huge amount of money, and I understand you have a holiday in New York next week. That will be cancelled, I assume?
ANDREW DODT: Yeah, I'm not in The Open yet. But fingers crossed this time tomorrow night, we are. But yeah, five-day holiday in New York. My wife flew in from Sydney this morning. I'll be quite happy to cancel the holiday for a spot in The Open, first major.

Q. Tell us what conditions were like out there.
ANDREW DODT: Yeah, really tough. We had a lot of wind early on and when we made the turn on the 10th, the rain came in and was blowing sideways, raining sideways, and it was just trying to grind out pars the best you could. Hit a couple of loose shots, got a little bit lucky, which you need on a day like this. I made some key putts on the back nine, which really kept me in it.

Q. How tough was it on the greens with some of those crosswinds?
ANDREW DODT: There was a few putts could have gone left-to-right but it was right-to-left just with the wind, and you take into account the moisture on the greens, as well, you need a little bit of luck in trying to guess what the read might be. I think I did a pretty good job of that today.

Q. How pleased are you with the way you handled yourself?
ANDREW DODT: Yeah, I didn't get too fussed. Just stayed in the moment, stayed in the present, which is really key on a day like today. Yeah, just one shot at a time and here we are and we're near the lead.

Q. Obviously a huge day tomorrow. You could win The Scottish Open, also heading into The Open Championship. What have you got planned next week?
ANDREW DODT: My wife flew in from Sydney this morning, and we've got a five-day holiday booked in New York, but I'll be glad to change that for a spot in The Open, my first major.

Q. Just put into words what it would mean to be at Royal Birkdale.
ANDREW DODT: Yeah, I'm 31, haven't played a major yet. I would rather play a major sooner rather than later. There's a lot of motivation there tomorrow and try and pick up one of those spots, and try and win the tournament, as well. That's the first goal, and the rest will take care of itself.

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