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July 15, 2017

Ryan Fox

Ayrshire, Scotland

Q. How would you sum up those conditions?
RYAN FOX: Had a patch through the middle where the wind got up a bit and I was trying it hang on for dear life and didn't do too much damage. Took advantage of the couple of downwind par 5s coming home, and very happy to be in and to be able to watch the carnage this afternoon.

Q. Have you played golf in these kind of conditions before?
RYAN FOX: Yeah, a fair bit at home. We tend to get a lot of wind at home. Maybe not the cold and the wet in the middle of summer, but we definitely get the wind and a bit of rain at times. I'm not too worried about these conditions so much, and probably good practise for next week.

Q. When it's raining as hard as it is, what kind of problems. Does that pose in terms of trying to keep things dry, basically?
RYAN FOX: Obviously I've got a little bit of speed with the club and I really struggle to hang on to it when it gets wet. Then with the wet space, the ball kind of slides off it, so I can get a two-way miss going pretty badly in the wet, and I was pretty happy to not do that damage through that rain today.

Yeah, as I say, I don't mind the wind too much, but yeah, in the wet, it's not very nice.

Q. You mentioned next week and you got in by virtue of your finish in Ireland last week. How useful now have these two weeks become with that prospect in mind?
RYAN FOX: They have been great. I haven't played a whole lot of links golf before, and to get two pure links golf courses two weeks in a row before getting to Birkdale next week is great preparation. I think we're going to get a little bit of wind and a little bit of wet next week, as well, so it was great prep out there today.

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