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July 15, 2017

Matt Kuchar

Ayrshire, Scotland

Q. Horrendous conditions for you today. Is it one of the days where you have to put a smile on your face and take what positives you can from the round?
MATT KUCHAR: It's a difficult day. It's hard to shoot great numbers on a day like this but you do your best. You know it's hard for everybody. I was thinking to myself, I have a bunch of buddies back home that would die to be over here playing in these conditions. There's no stopping some of my American friends when it comes to getting some golf in when in Scotland, regardless of how cold it is or wet it is or rainy it is or windy; they would be out having a chance.

This is a good chance to see how much I can enjoy the game of golf here in difficult conditions.

Q. You almost expect on golf courses like this, you're going to get days like this on a links golf course.
MATT KUCHAR: You do. I certainly packed for all conditions. My suitcase, it's got rain gear, sweaters and turtlenecks and everything in preparation.

Q. Still nicely placed.
MATT KUCHAR: Yeah, got a chance for tomorrow. Will be a number back but certainly be looking forward to trying to have some fun and shoot a low number tomorrow.

Q. Just how important is it now with the open ahead, to go through a day like this, knowing you could get a similar one in a major next week?
MATT KUCHAR: I think it's great. I had a couple situations today where I had 120 yards to holes and hit 7-irons. I had one where I was 127 away and hit a 6-iron in. Shots and things that we don't do in the States that you have to kind of get comfortable with and learn the feel of shots over here. And there's no telling if we'll need that next week, but certainly if we do, got a little bit of a head start.

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