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July 15, 2017

Nicholas Lindheim

Silvis, Illinois

Q. Great round of golf highlighted by the eagle on 17. You hit that real close. Walk us through what you had there.
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: Yeah, 211 front, I believe 216 hole. Downwind, downhill lie, which aren't my favorite being a low-ball hitter. Just kind of chased it short of the green and it rolled up there five, six feet and knocked it in.

Q. On the broadcast we were talking about the great decision you made with your second on 18. Saw you walk all the way up the fairway and take a look. Was there any doubt there? Did you ever consider anything else, or was it a layup all the way?
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: I had a small gap. I think the small gap brought a lot more risk into play than just laying it up and giving myself 90 yards. Caddie and I went through that. This is Saturday. You can't win the golf tournament today.

So just remain patient and give myself a chance, which is what we were looking for. Unfortunately I didn't make it, but I made enough out there where I'm pleased with the way it went.

Q. Talk about the eagle on the par-5, 17.
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: 211 front edge; 216 to the hole; downhill lie, which are not my favoritism. Chased a 5-iron, landed over the bunker, and got lucky enough to get it up there six feet or so and rolled it in there.

Q. Conditions today were definitely suitable for scoring. Just talk about how it allowed you to play the course.
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: I enjoy the heat. Wind was down, which I am indifferent about. I don't mind the wind.

Yeah, still soft on the greens. A little bit more speed to them than the last few days, but I thought it was very scorable. Just control the nerves was the hard part for me. I think I did a pretty good job of that today.

Q. Yeah, you put yourself in a good spot yesterday, but worked your way up further today. How do you control your nerves? What's your key to that?
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: Heavy breathing. Deep breathing, I should say. We're out here playing a game we all enjoy playing. I've had a hard time enjoying it lately.

So being in position, doing the things that I thought I could do, makes it a lot easier to walk with high strides and have a good time.

Q. Dropped one there at the end, but got yourself in contention heading into Sunday. What's it been like for you this week?
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: It's been good. I have slowly progressed into feeling comfortable and just playing golf and not worrying about golf swing, which I've done a lot of this year.

Dropping one at the last, it's a tough hole. You got to hit it up the left side, and unfortunately I didn't.

Had a little bit of issue. Didn't hit it right on the last few holes coming in. I did manage a good score. Made eagle on 17, which always helps.

I'm in good position for tomorrow. I don't even know where I stand. I haven't even had a chance to look.

Q. What's been your probably best score in pro?
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: Well, I mean on the Tour or like...

Q. On the Tour this year.
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: Not very good. Maybe a few 4-, 5-under, 6-under. Puerto Rico maybe.

Q. How do you come in? This is uncharted territory for you.
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: Uncharted territory on the PGA TOUR; not necessarily in my life. That's a drag, but I have won on every level I've played. I know that I have what it takes in there. I won on the Web.com Tour, which guys in my group we were talking about, and it's just as difficult to win out there. Maybe not as difficult, but the competition is there.

So I think I that with what I've done in the past, I can rely on that, that it's in there. Whether it comes out tomorrow -- hopefully it does -- but if not, I'm going to do my best.

Q. What are things you look to draw from those past experiences when you get down into the thick of things here?
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: Well, you're usually there on Sunday -- when I've been there on Sunday it's been because I played well. That's something that I got to take into consideration when I get down on myself, which we all tend to do. Just knowing that it's in there.

I've hit a lot of quality shots this week, which is good. Keeps the momentum going, but it also is good to put in the memory bank.

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