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July 15, 2017

Daniel Berger

Silvis, Illinois

DANIEL BERGER: I'm excited. You know, I played well today. As long as I can keep doing the same things that I've been doing, I'll have a shot.

Q. When you look at the round of golf, how it was composed, this has been coming for a while as well, because you have been playing so consistently well. Your approach play today, strokes gained, you're No. 1 in field. Look ata couple examples. (Regarding No. 9.)
DANIEL BERGER: No, that's probably one of the harder holes on the course. I had a great number and was lucky not to ricochet too far off the green. Had a nice little tap-in for birdie there.

Q. The golf course today, did it feel like out there today that every hole was an opportunity? And is that more about the golf course or is that as much about where you felt with your game?
DANIEL BERGER: I think I just tried to give myself as many chances as I could. If they went in, great. If not, that's really all you can do. With the soft conditions you can attack the flags. If you don't hit the fairways then it's tough because the rough is deep.

Q. (No microphone.)
DANIEL BERGER: Yeah. I mean, I hit a nice layup there to a great number. My wedge game has been really good. Felt really comfortable with it. Went right at it.

Q. Talk us through the technical skill involved on 14.
DANIEL BERGER: I knew off the tee if I put it in the bunker I would have a great chance to make birdie.

(Indiscernible) right now, so just tried to put some speed on it and fly it as close to the hole as I could.

Q. So you're in great shape obviously heading into the final round. How much will you lean on being a winner again? I was there with you when you won FedEx St. Jude this year; defended that from the year before. Where does that put you in terms how you feel mentally with another chance tomorrow?
DANIEL BERGER: Yeah, I mean, I'm going to have to play really good. Patrick is obviously playing at a really high level.

I've had chances before even further back. Nine shots back (indiscernible) and lost in the playoff. I think as long as I'm standing, then I'm going to have a shot.

Q. Exceptional round of golf. Before we get into that today, just irons alone, is that about as solid an iron performance as you're going to have?
DANIEL BERGER: Yeah, I mean, I feel like I hit my irons really well. Obviously I had a bunch of tap-ins. Overall I don't think that I really played all that great. It was just kind of like I looked up at the scoreboard and I was like, Oh, I'm 8-under. Maybe try to do that tomorrow.

Q. It's funny you mention that, because I followed you all day. Don't take this the wrong way; 63 is an incredible rounds of golf. You didn't make a putt outside of 12 feet, but hit a bunch of good putts. You feel like that could have been maybe a 59 or a 60?
DANIEL BERGER: Yeah, absolutely. I hit a bunch of really good putts, especially the last four or five holes, that didn't go in. You just got to give yourself as many chances as you can on a course like this and let the rest take care of itself.

Q. I guess the good news is that means you still have more in the tank, and that could be better to come on Championship Sunday.
DANIEL BERGER: Oh, absolutely. Like I said, I honestly didn't feel like I played that great today. I just looked at the scoreboard and I was a bunch under par, so just need to try to do the same thing.

Q. A lot of red numbers out there, but you finished this round 8-under today. When these conditions are out there, how does it allow to you play?
DANIEL BERGER: You have to be really aggressive. Feel like I hit a number of really good shots. I didn't make a ton of putts, but the ones that I did were important.

Q. First time playing in this tournament. As the week goes on, you keep playing better and better. What have you figured out about this course?
DANIEL BERGER: I think when I came here I was a little rusty. I took two weeks off. Just kind of dialed it in over the last couple days and I've been playing really well since.

Q. You're a winner on the PGA TOUR, including not so long ago. What does it take to win on Sunday? What do you have to do out there tomorrow?
DANIEL BERGER: You have to be really aggressive. We'll see what happens, if Patrick can kind of close out this round. Tomorrow you can't really lay back and kind of try to hit to the middle of the greens; you have to be aggressive.

That's what I think I'm going to try to do.

Q. Two of the last three holes, you thought you made those putts too, didn't you?
DANIEL BERGER: Yeah, I hit a bunch of good putts. Didn't get any to go, but my iron play was good. It was a bunch of top-ins most of the day.

Q. Chased them down at St. Jude; got a chance to chase down again.
DANIEL BERGER: Yeah, I love this position. I feel like if I can get off to a good start tomorrow I can put some pressure on whoever is leading. I assume it's going to be Patrick. Same kind of thing I did in Memphis and Travelers. I just got off to a decent start and made some birdies, and then kind of kept it going from there.

Q. How good was the ball striking today?
DANIEL BERGER: It was good today, but overall I really didn't feel like I played that great of golf. It just happened that I looked up at the scoreboard and I was 8-under par.

I didn't drive it that great. I just think I hit a bunch of good iron shots.

Q. That motivating though, that maybe you didn't play your best today? Maybe you got something left?
DANIEL BERGER: Yeah, absolutely. I feel like if I play well, then I'm going to win the golf tournament. If I don't, I probably won't.

That's really kind of cut and dry there.

Q. You had another potential win taken away from you a few weeks ago. Maybe it's your turn to put something magic on the board.
DANIEL BERGER: Yeah, I mean, Travelers could have gone either way. There were so many different shots throughout the four days that I wish I could have had back. But that's just how it goes. That's golf.

I'm going to have to play a really good round tomorrow and probably shoot 6- or 7-under par again to really have a chance.

Q. Will that be the sort of motivation to just put the foot down and go hard?
DANIEL BERGER: Yeah. I'm just going to have fun, like I said. You really can't force the ball to go in the hole. You just got to go and hit some shots, and if it happens, it happens.

Q. Coming into this one I think you were outside of the top 20, moving up all the way to second right now. What does this say about this course, the fact that any day can put someone in contention?
DANIEL BERGER: Yeah, I mean, I think it's just the conditions of the course. There's not that much wind right now. It's perfect outside. The greens are soft.

If you're playing well, you're going to have a bunch of birdies. I played well today.

Q. What's the comfort level being in this position? You've been in it quite a few times now.
DANIEL BERGER: Yeah, it's just another round of golf. I feel great. I'm healthy. I'm happy. I'm rested.

Just go out there and have fun. I got a big tournament coming up next week, so try not to expend too much energy and just be prepared tomorrow.

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