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July 15, 2017

Amy Yang

Bedminster, New Jersey

Q. How are you doing and how did you turn around the round after that start?
AMY YANG: Yeah, it was tough. It was just a little mistake like from the face. It wasn't a huge mistake. Somehow the lie wasn't very -- like wasn't easy to save it.

But you know, I stayed patient. I'm still hitting good. I'm still making a lot of putts. So it was a good day, yeah.

Q. You always seem to have these rounds in the major where you just seem to get it going and you are working your way through. Have you felt that throughout this tournament that you are working your way through day after day?
AMY YANG: I feel like I'm doing good, you know. A lot of solid shots out there. Gave myself a lot of opportunities and I saved really good pars out there. I'm looking forward to playing tomorrow.

Q. For today, how was it playing with Hye-Jin?
AMY YANG: How old is she? Like 17 or 18? She was very mature out there. She hits like very accurate, long. And her putter was really good. I think she would be a great player, like in the future.

Q. What do you expect for tomorrow?
AMY YANG: I'm just kind of practice some later and go back to hotel, rest and get ready for tomorrow. Just do the same thing I've done the last three days.

Q. Do you feel like that you have to maybe be aggressive or do you kind of take it as it comes based on where you are on the leaderboard?
AMY YANG: This course I think isn't suited for like aggressive play out there. It's playing very tough out there. So when you get a chance, you know, I'll do my best to get it. Won't be like aggressive play tomorrow.

Q. Do you consider yourself a patient and smart player?
AMY YANG: I try to be patient out there, yeah.

Q. Shanshan made the putt to go to 9 under. What do you say about her play?
AMY YANG: Her play? Obviously she is another awesome player. She doesn't make much mistakes out there. When she has chance, she gets it.

I just got to do what I need to do.

Q. Do you feel more comfortable coming from behind, as you will be tomorrow, or would you rather be in the lead in the last round?
AMY YANG: I think it's similar. But maybe chasing is more -- I think it's similar.

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