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July 15, 2017

Marina Alex

Bedminster, New Jersey

Q. Tell us about your round today.
MARINA ALEX: It was a little crazy. I got off to a pretty poor start. I guess I was just nervous, to be honest. I don't know, just kind of all hit me.

I made a pretty poor double bogey on 3, and then a bad 3-putt on 4. Then another double bogey on 6. So I really struggled the first six holes for sure. Even 7, missed the green left. I made a good up-and-down and that settled me a little bit.

Made two awesome birdies on 8 and 9. My goal is honestly to get it back to red figures for the tournament. I was able to do that and then one. I'm happy with how I finished. I guess I just got the nerves out of the way and was able to go back to playing golf like I was playing the past two days. It's tough. It's a major. You are going to battle that.

Q. What was the hardest test, the mental or condition-wise?
MARINA ALEX: The mental more than anything. You don't realize how hard the holes can be when you are hitting it good and you are hitting the greens and everything feels great, and you are grooving and then when it's not -- some of those are really, really difficult. There's a lot of hazards on the front nine. Most of the time you don't notice them, but then when you stray mentally a lot of things creep into play, things you never really think about. I had to try and settle myself down and get restarted.

Q. When it's going that way, how do you settle yourself down? How much does it help having the experience you've had?
MARINA ALEX: It helps. I've been in the positions where I've done the same thing, where I've gone out there and really not played good to start after being in contention. You learn to accept it and move on. Just work on chipping away one shot at time, just get as many back as you can without doing anything dumb to make it worse. You have to go back to fairways and greens to see what putts you can make.

Q. What are your overall emotions after that start?
MARINA ALEX: I'm really happy. I'm thrilled to be somewhere in a decent position going into tomorrow. I'm hoping that I can get off to a better start tomorrow and not let the whole environment kind of get me out of my element.

There's a ton of people and a ton of support, but it adds a lot of pressure and some nervousness to that. I just want to go out there tomorrow and play like I did starting hole 7 onward. I just was lost there for the first six holes.

My goal tomorrow is to get off to a good mental start to the day.

Q. Will you do anything differently tonight as opposed last night?
MARINA ALEX: No. I mean, no need to try and switch everything up. I'm still playing good golf. It's not like I'm trying to search for something. It's there. I just need to let it happen.

Q. How big is your New Jersey support group?
MARINA ALEX: In addition to my family and friends, there's a ton of people out here supporting me, which is great. People I don't know, but it's awesome. I'm glad they are out here to watch the tournament. I see a lot of young girls out here, which is awesome. It's great for the game. It's great for women's golf in New Jersey.

I grew up, there's just not a lot of girls playing. If more girls pick up the game after this week, my job is effectively done. I hope that that's what happens.

Q. You made a birdie right in front of the president there?

Q. 15, right?
MARINA ALEX: I didn't know -- I know he's here, but I don't know where he is. So I'm glad he got to see it.

Q. Do you have any number in mind for tomorrow?
MARINA ALEX: No. I don't know what then conditions are going to be like. I don't know what they are going to do to -- they may change the setup of the course. It may get softer; it may get firmer. I honestly don't know. I'm going to take what is given to me and go out there and see how it's playing. If I have a good day, I'll take as many as I can. If I'm not feeling it, just play conservative and try and maintain position. It depends on what comes out tomorrow. We'll see.

Q. Was your home course North Jersey Country Club?
MARINA ALEX: Yes, it was.

Q. How was the humidity the other day? You felt like you were in Florida, I guess?
MARINA ALEX: Thursday? Oh, yeah, it was really warm. It gets warm up here.

Q. (Inaudible)?
MARINA ALEX: Summers up here are hot, too. Just accustomed to it at this point.

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