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July 15, 2017

Brady Stockton

Bedminster, New Jersey

Q. Talk about Cristie kind of gutting this out?
BRADY STOCKTON: Yeah, she's had some injuries the last few weeks, and it was really -- Curtis right there, he's been the miracle worker. He's kept her going. She's tough. Luckily, it hasn't been an injury she couldn't play with. It's been like a muscle spasm. So even though it hurts really bad and it sounds horrible and she's moaning and groaning, it's a muscle spasm. There is no damage she can do, as far as we've decided.

She is better today. She's been better since -- once that rain stopped yesterday and it warmed up yesterday and she was walking and she got better and she's been fine since then.

Q. Could you describe what you saw there at 15 when she was trying to get the president's attention?
BRADY STOCKTON: She was just fooling around. He was looking the other way and she was trying to get his attention. I said jump around maybe he'll look over. We were having fun, killing some time.

Q. He did not see her, did he?
BRADY STOCKTON: He did not see her. He was in conversation, I think, with McGee, the director of golf or head golf professional here. He didn't turn around. He did just see her when we walked up right now and she's going to go up and meet him here in a few minutes.

Q. She was super aggressive on some of those birdie putts, like the last one?
BRADY STOCKTON: No, it wasn't aggressive. She missed it low. She maybe pushed it a little bit. It wasn't aggressive. It was a fast putt. It was a really hard putt. She played the ball outside the hole. Honestly, she should have played it two or three balls outside the hole. It was such a swinger from there, and it was a fast putt.

Q. Is she playing about a club shorter, less distance with her back?
BRADY STOCKTON: Honestly, on hole 12 today, we hit it over the green and that was the first time she really hit one like the normal distance. So we had maybe toned back a little bit. She wasn't at full distance. She was hitting it her yardage. But in tournaments, especially in tournaments like this, she tends to hit it a little farther. That was when we really noticed. That was when it really started. We noticed, okay, your distance is back. It's warm today. She was starting to hit it farther. We played that coming in. It was hard until that point. She felt a lot better today. She was healthy. I'm looking forward to her playing well tomorrow.

Q. Are you going to go up there with her?
BRADY STOCKTON: Maybe, if I'm allowed. We'll find out.

Q. Have you met the president?
BRADY STOCKTON: I have not. Yes, I have. I met him before he was the president. I used to work for a club fitting company and we came to this club and worked with the membership for about three days. And he was here all week and it was actually two days before he announced his presidency. He announced on Tuesday. So I had a few interactions and he was very nice when I was here.

Q. Did you fit him for a club?
BRADY STOCKTON: We did not, no. He didn't have time. He said he was going to come down and he never did. He obviously was very busy because he was planning his campaign. Two days later we knew why he never made it.

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