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July 15, 2017

Lydia Ko

Bedminster, New Jersey

Q. Double bogey but you bounced right back with a birdie. How do you feel overall for the round?
LYDIA KO: I started off really well. You know, the course played a little longer today. I hit No. 3 out of 3-wood so it was really -- I think I was gaining shots on that hole for my distance and then I had 5-wood and 5-wood again.

It was playing long and those tough holes I played really well. I just wasn't driving it very good. And, you know, when I didn't hit my drive as good, I wasn't able to make up and down from there and I was in the divot twice on 11 and, you know, especially where that pin position was located, I tried to bump it up there but ended up being too short and came down.

I tried to do the same again with the pitching wedge and it was actually lucky that it stayed because it was almost coming back. But, you know, one of those where if you're in a bowl and a lot of players have either practiced or their balls have ended up there, you know, you're going to have divots.

Yeah, you can't do anything about it, you know. All you can do is pray that hopefully it doesn't get in a divot. But, you know, it happened for me.

Yeah, I was able to fight back and make a good birdie on the next hole but I just didn't have that many birdie opportunities in the back-9. But I think probably the shot of the day was making that good 4 on the 17th.

Q. When you have a good shot like that on the 17th, what will make you satisfied with this tournament on the last day?
LYDIA KO: I think the biggest thing I've learned yesterday and obviously that shot today is that you just can't give up until the very end, and the way I fought back yesterday and my back-9, hey, what if I'm positive and kind of played that way going into my back-9 last year, maybe it could have been different, where last year in my final round in the back-9 I felt like the double was stuck in my head. I couldn't get away from it.

Obviously, any tournament in how you play you always learn from it but no, that's the thing, I hit a great shot into 17 but then, you know, greed inside you, I wish it went in at the same time.

Q. The rebounding has been a regular thing for you where you now learned a lesson and move forward and keep pushing the game.
Where do you see it going in the next couple of tournaments and beyond tomorrow?

LYDIA KO: I think I just, you know, got to stay patient. I keep working on my game and that's all you can do and just keep your head high and just look forward.

Like I said earlier, no matter if you win or you miss a cut or, you know, what position you end up, there's always something to learn from and you know, those things I learned don't affect me right away.

Can affect me in five year's time or just going down my career. I think golf is a huge learning game. It takes a lot of patience, too.

Q. Media day you were here teaching the young gals about this game, they were excited to see you.
Did you feel the love during this tournament from the younger gals who look up to you now as a role model?

LYDIA KO: I think it's great to see a lot of Juniors out here this week, starting from Monday we had a lot of people come out and it's always great to see those kids because, you, know that they're the faces of our Tour in the next generation so it's really cool that they get inspired seeing us and we get pumped and energized from seeing them.

It's a great tradeoff and who knows, in five years' time they could be on Tour and be in this position themselves.

It's always nice to see a great crowd and I like the crowds here we have gotten. That's why we love coming back to places where we're welcomed and loved.

Q. Finally, just is there a goal for tomorrow's round?
LYDIA KO: I need to make a lot of birdies but to me, I think I just got to stay away from those careless mistakes I've had a few or a couple everyday and those are the one or two shots that at that moment might be one shot but might affect the holes after, too.

Just got to, you know, be smart about the play when I'm not in a good position, think how I'm able to come out of there with a par or bogey at times and when I have those birdie opportunities, try and grab it. Thank you.

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