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July 15, 2017

Andy Sulllivan

Ayrshire, Scotland

Q. How nice to finish with an eagle to right the ship after 17?
ANDY SULLIVAN: I knew 16, 17 was going to play tough. I just didn't expect to hit it in the bunker the third day in a row on 17. We had a bit of a wait on the 18th tee which probably done me a world of good. Got my head back in the frame because I was absolutely seething standing on the tee. It was a good way to finish and good after putting in all that hard work with the weather and got my rewards at the end.

Q. How tough is it? The breeze is definitely picking up.
ANDY SULLIVAN: When we started it was quite tough, but there was a little rain, so it was quite nice; and through the middle part of the round, the rains really started to pick up. It's really tough, with these undulating greens, it's tough to get it close now, especially the ball spinning a bit more with the wedges in. Hopefully it will be really, really tough for the guys this afternoon.

Q. Are you going to do a rain dance?
Q. ANDY SULLIVAN: I'm going to the room and I'm just going to be doing all sorts of rain dance, get a voodoo doll out and all sorts.
Q. The seething element of it, talking about links golf, how much does it test your patience and how much do you have to work on that aspect for this three-week stretch to make sure you absolutely stay in the moment, because things can happen.
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, definitely. I mean, again, links golf is one of them where you can just have little bits of fortune. You can get some poor shots and the contours take it quite close and hit great shots and it goes in the bunker.

You have to be massively patient out there and just pick and choose when you feel like you can be aggressive and when you can't be aggressive. Links golf I wouldn't say is the most times where you can be aggressive, but you've really got to be patient, especially weather conditions like this.

I think a lot of that, it's done us a world of good going into The Open playing these last few weeks getting used to links golf and the aspects of trying to use the contours instead of just flying it all the way through the air. It's nice to get them shots in the bag for next week.

It's tough out there today. I knew from the start if I could just go out there and really grind it out today and put a number up there, I knew it's only going to go one way, up the leaderboard. So it's really nice to obviously finish and see myself up there and hopefully stay there.

Q. When you started, the wind and rain both picked up?
ANDY SULLIVAN: When we started it was very drizzling, not much wind, so I was quite thinking, let's make hay while it's like this to be fair. And I got off it a really good start which sort of took advantage of that, so I was really happy.

Through the middle part of the round, the rain really started to get up and I just thought, it's going to hold on in, just try and pick off the par 5s on the way in, which I did really well. Just didn't expect to bogey and double 16 and 17.

The last, I had a bit of a wait on the tee. Ross Fisher lost a ball, so it really gave me time to compose myself and get back in it. If I had to hit that tee shot within a couple of minutes, I'm not sure it would have hit the fairway. It might have gone further, but I'm not sure it would have hit the fairway. There was a lot of anger on the tee at the time. Just gave me time to cool down and compose myself and get my head back on.

Q. This afternoon, is it feet up and watching the rain and the wind get even --
ANDY SULLIVAN: I won't be watching the golf. I can't be dealing with watching golf. But I'll be literally in my room just praying for it to rain and doing all sorts, I'm telling you. It was getting a little bit water-logged out there, so hopefully it doesn't rain too much so it keeps them out there. Because if they come off and they get to finish tomorrow, I will be raging. (Laughing)

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