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July 15, 2017

Mirim Lee

Bedminster, New Jersey

Q. How was it out there today?
MIRIM LEE: Tee shot was not as satisfying but I think the iron shots and the putting were pretty good. So, I think I was able to save it by a few moments of trouble, some signs.

Q. How were the conditions better to help your game?
MIRIM LEE: Thanks to -- I had a good night's sleep. That definitely helped me to probably come back with a better condition physically.

Q. How about the conditions of the course?
MIRIM LEE: It was pretty hard, pretty tough. I think it's pretty good except maybe the some fairways were a bit soft. But, other than that, I think overall the conditions are excellent.

Q. When play started today, there were 8 or 9 South Koreans right at the top of the leaderboard.
Could you comment on that, just the incredible display of the South Koreans as the day started?

MIRIM LEE: Well, I think obviously Korean players are very, you know, strong and excellent players themselves but I think they also probably adjust to the course fairly quickly. So, I think that's one thing I could probably add to it.

Q. Is this because it's the U.S. Open, maybe, that the cream rises to the top?
MIRIM LEE: Obviously this is the biggest and one of the most Major events, tournaments here in the United States. So probably, the players coming here have maybe stronger determinations that they want to play well, they want to play hard.

I think that probably has to do with it.

Q. You've had good rounds at Majors before. You've been near the top. What will it take to win tomorrow?
MIRIM LEE: Well, greens kind of tricky as well and the rough. I probably have to pace myself, maybe especially on the green, and I'll probably have to pay attention close to my tee shots as well.

Q. How do you describe the way you feel going into the last round of a Major, are you nervous or excited? What's the feeling?
MIRIM LEE: It was exciting, yeah. I actually -- I'm actually having fun. I'm excited but also having fun as well. Thank you.

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